It has been a very long time since Rockstar announced that it was working on a new game. It first revealed Grand Theft Auto 5 back in October 2011 and the game was released some two years after that. The studio hasn’t said anything about new games since then but today it has got everyone talking about that possibility. Rockstar didn’t actually say anything, it just posted an image across all its social media profiles which shows us a new version of its logo in red. This image has now been posted on Twitter, Facebook, and even Rockstar’s official website.

The social media posts don’t carry a caption. Rockstar has just posted the image and left us to talk about it among ourselves. It merely took a few minutes for people to notice what Rockstar had done and now there are all sorts of theories about what it might be announcing in the near future.

The fact that it chose the color red leads many to believe that perhaps a new Red Dead Redemption game is going to be announced. Rockstar was expected to announce one at Sony’s press event for the PlayStation 4 Pro but that didn’t happen. Could a new Red Dead Redemption game be in the pipeline? Your guess is as good as mine.

It merits mentioning here that Red Dead Revolver was recently released for PlayStation 4 via PSN. The first game in this franchise came out 12 years ago and the last Red Dead game was released around six years back. The timeline makes sense, but we can’t be certain until Rockstar actually says something about it’s sudden affection for the color red.

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