This week, HP announced that its TouchPad tablets would be receiving a massive price reduction, with the price of the 16GB version dropping to only $99. While most consumers seemed pretty pleased – after all, they could finally try out a webOS device without investing too much. But there was a group of people who weren’t too pleased about the price cut – the early adopters of the HP TouchPad.

I mean, can you imagine paying $500 for something only to find out that you can get it for cheaper not even half a year later? You’d probably feel like snapping the tablet in half. Thankfully, HP understood the frustration its customers were having and has come up with a solution to the problem. Users who have bought the TouchPad at its full price are eligible for full-price refunds (if they return the tablet) or price-different refunds for those who want to keep the tablet.

If you bought purchased it from HP directly and you’re looking for a refund, just call up HP’s Home & Office phone service and tell them you would like the refund or the difference refund. HP will then honor your request. If you bought it from a major retailer, they should be honoring requests as well, though it might take awhile before they start doing it. It looks like early adopters don’t need to get upset anymore.

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