A video game featuring everyone’s favorite completely psychotic comic book character, Deadpool, was announced last summer. One year later, the game was released this week for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, both in traditional retail boxes as well as digital downloads for $49.99. But an error on Sony’s part accidentally listed the digital download version of the game for $59.99 on its PlayStation Network.

As a result, Sony has said they will reimburse those PlayStation Network users who purchased Deadpool for the inflated price of $59.99 by giving them $10 in credit. Unfortunately, the process won’t be as easy as giving everyone who purchased the $59.99 version of Deadpool $10 in their PlayStation Wallet. Instead, Sony will contact those who were affected by this pricing error through the PlayStation Network’s XMB messages some time this week.

Hopefully you turn on your PlayStation 3 enough times where you can catch Sony’s refund message, although we’re sure if you unintentionally purchased Deadpool for $59.99, you’ll probably be keeping a close eye on your XMB messages for the moment Sony contacts you for your much-deserved refund.

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