Since just about everyone and their dog knows that it is in to be green, there has been no shortage of effort from many quarters to deliver a decent device or product that somewhat shakes hands with nature. Well, how about old, discarded electronics that nobody wants? Artist Chris Shen wants to make a statement by collecting hundreds of second-hand TV remotes, and using them to be part of an infrared television installation, where he has dubbed as INFRA.

INFRA will comprise of 625 old remotes which have been wired up with up to 500 meters of speaker wire, and all of these are connected to a modified Peggy 2 controller board. Having said that, doing so would create an infrared LED matrix that is invisible to the naked eye, but when you put on a pair of infrared goggles, you will be able to make out the light “picture”. Do take into consideration that the resolution would still be rather low, and you might feel as though you have taken a step into a time machine, as everything would be in black and white.

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