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Apple Uses 75% Renewable Energy Throughout Its Various Facilities
Technological advancements are not only being made in consumer electronics. Modern technology has greatly improved and advanced the usage of renewable energy. Major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are already using renewable means of energy to power their massive facilities in various parts of the world. Apple’s chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, revealed earlier today that the company is generating 167 million kilowatts for its Maiden, North Carolina […]

Walgreens Building A Superstore That Runs Only On Renewable Energy
The cost of energy isn’t cheap as gas prices and home heating costs rise on a semi-regular basis, and one place that we usually don’t think of as energy-sucking locations is the local 24-hour pharmacy. These places need to run their business at all times of the day in order to get you your pills to help with your upset tummy. But one pharmaceutical chain plans to introduce a store […]

Cleaner Air, Thanks To Metal Organic Material
One of the ways to reduce carbon emissions is to capture the carbon that we generate in a number activities such as energy production. Most electricity is generated by coal-burning plant which produces the bulk of today’s carbon emissions.However, until recently, the methods used to capture carbon emissions are far from efficient as a great deal of energy is required to transfer the captured carbon from the capture material to […]

California stays green as utilities are powered by 20% renewable energy
It seems as though California leads the nation in the green movement, whether it be its clean air bus fleet or large number of park conservation organizations, it is a role model to other states who aspire be more green. This notion continues to be true as state regulators announced yesterday in a report that California’s big three investor-owned utilities(Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern […]


Check out the USB Solar Charger Tree
We’ve seen solar trees in real life, which provide shade as well as power to the city, in certain places of California, but this is the first time I have seen a miniature personal solar tree. The personal USB Solar Charger Treel, made by Brando, will charge up your smartphone thanks to its nine solar panels attached to the branches.Installation is quite easy, all you have to do is connect […]

Solar Impulse successfully lands in Europe after flight from Morocco
  The Solar Impulse, a plane that runs completely on renewable energy thanks to its solar panels on its wings, has just successfully  made the flight from Rabat, Morocco to Madrid, Spain. The flight lasted nearly 17 hours.André Borschberg, CEO and Founder of Solar Impulse, made a statement on the flight: “Bertrand did a wonderful flight and the aircraft’s technology has once again proven its reliability and its energy savings efficiency. […]

UK approves 1GW+ of offshore wind power
 Today is a big day for renewable energy in the UK. The British government has given the green light to fund two large offshore wind farms off of the Norfolk Coast. The combined investment for the project is around 3 billion pounds(about $4.66 billion USD).The 580-megawatt Race Banks offshore wind farm will be developed by Centriica, while the 560 megawatt Dudgeon project will be developed by Warwick Energy. UK Energy […]

Clip apartment generates own energy and uses recycled waste water
Buildings in America consume nearly 40% of our energy each year along with emitting tons greenhouse gases and other forms of waste. Some people have looked to making buildings self-sustainable such as placing solar panels on the sides of the buildings, but this can be expensive and doesn’t always provide the amount of energy as planned. A group of Thai architects have submitted an idea at Evolo for a very […]

Apple is considering fuel-cell-powered MacBooks
While Apple’s current battery life on their MacBook series of laptops might seem reasonable (5-7 hours of wireless web surfing), how would you feel about a laptop that could operate for days, possibly even weeks without recharging? Well it appears that Apple has thought about that thanks to newly published patents that reveal plans for a possible fuel-cell-powered MacBook computer.

3D Solar cells will make solar energy efficient
Solar energy – a renewable energy source that hasn’t been too popular due to its low efficiency and high cost of implementation. And that’s because of our current solar panel designs – they just don’t trap the sunlight well enough. Up to 30% of incident sunlight is reflected off the surface of conventional cells themselves. Solar3D Inc, a startup focused on solar energy has designed the solar cells of the […]

Transparent Solar Panels For Windows And More
Installing solar panels on the roof is great, but Windows offer additional sun-gathering surface that can be exploited with Konarka’s transparent (or translucent, we should say) solar panels called Arch Active Solar Glass. The idea is to slide these in double pane windows for example, but you can imagine all kinds of applications as they are made of flexible plastic and don’t really need to be protected by glass. There […]