Articles about research (page 3)

Two Kinect-Like Sensors Powers Vision for SAMI Robot
NVIDIA Gets $12M from the Department of Energy for research
Scientists create molecule to keep teeth cavityproof
Researchers develop system to block phone use while driving
New spray-on batteries could revolutionize energy storage
Robotic arm controlled by a paralyzed woman’s mind
Personal Power Generator Prototype Powered By Organic Viruses
Smartphones used on floating robots to track water flow
Android now covers 51 percent of all smartphones in the U.S.
One in five U.S. households have Internet-enabled TVs [Research]
Survey: 39% of US smartphone buyers gravitate towards Android
People more likely to lie when texting (study)
Scientists come up with a way to grease-proof our devices
Researchers print bone-like material with 3D printer
Researchers manage to shrink 3G phones' power consumption
Blu-Ray Encryption over HDCP cracked with $267 of equipment
New battery electrode could last 40,000 charge cycles
BBC develops Dalek model that can be controlled by Doctor Who episodes
Scientists use Twitter to work out if it's raining
Explosives detectors printed with inkjet printers