With the advancement of our technology, 3D printers have been making great strides in replicating various objects, going beyond creating mere models to parts that can actually be used in real world applications. Now it appears that researchers have managed to use a 3D printer to create a bone-like structure that can be used as scaffolds to stimulate the growth of replacement bone tissue.

This is achieved by optimizing a ProMetal 3D printer that is not only commercially available, but was originally designed to create metal objects. This bone-like material was created by doubling the strength of the main ceramic powder by adding silica and zinc oxide.

This new material has also been said to be able to dissolve with “no apparently ill effects”, at least that’s according to the team behind this research. Unfortunately for those looking for custom made scaffolds to aid in their bone recovery, this technology is expected to be made available to doctors in a few years time.

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