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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Launched
RIM is announcing that its new Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM solution called BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is now available for download. What this means is a new EMM that offers better device management for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones that we are about to see next week. RIM is upping the ante by making BES 10 capable of supporting Android and iOS devices […]

Blackberry 10 X10 Could Be Launched On The 30th Of January
Come 30th of January, RIM will be officially launching Blackberry 10 and many expect that the Canadian company will be launching the Z10 shortly after. However according to the folks at N4BB, they have heard that on the 30th of January,  not only will RIM’s Blackberry 10 platform be launched, but it is possible that RIM will be launching the Blackberry 10 X10 smartphone as well! For those who haven’t […]

Samsung Targets iPhone, BlackBerry In Business-Focused Commercial
Commercials for Samsung’s Galaxy devices are usually spent bashing the competition, that is unless it’s changing your perception of Mrs. Claus. They’ve recently bashed the iPhone 5, and are once again setting their sights on Apple’s smartphone, as well as RIM’s BlackBerry devices.The new Samsung commercial was created to hopefully change the minds of business users who have trusted their business needs to a BlackBerry device, while at the same time, […]

BlackBerry World Is New BlackBerry App World
What’s in a name? After all, doesn’t a rose smell just as sweet were it to be called by any other name? Well, Research In Motion (RIM) must know something that we don’t, having changed the name of its app store from BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World. Hmmm, I do wonder whether there are any kind of unknown legal wranglings for RIM to drop the word “App” from the […]


RIM To License BlackBerry 10 To Other Hardware Manufacturers?
You know something? When the chips are down, it makes sense to try just about anything, and I am quite sure that RIM, while they are rather optimistic about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and slew of devices which will run on it, might just look towards the Windows Mobile model by licensing BlackBerry 10 to interested hardware manufacturers. This was shared with a German newspaper by RIM’s CEO […]

Blackberry 10 Z10 Sample Photos Spotted On Flickr And Picasa
Thanks to the folks @evleaks, they have managed to get their hands on an alleged sample photo taken by the Blackberry 10 Z10’s camera. These photos were supposedly uploaded onto Flickr but it seems that the Flickr account has since been deactivated. In any case with @evleaks’ reputation for leaking the goods ahead of time, it is safe to assume that what we are looking at is the genuine article. […]

RIM And T-Mobile To Hold Executive Blackberry 10 Preview Ahead Of Launch
So we know that RIM’s Blackberry 10 platform will be launched on all four major carriers – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, but it looks like some lucky customers (maybe T-Mobile subscribers) will be chosen by both RIM and T-Mobile to attend a Blackberry 10 Executive Preview Event which will be held in NYC at a supposedly top secret location. As you can see in the photo of the invite […]

RIM Launches Blackberry 10 "Last Chance Port-A-Thon" Event
Just the other day we reported that RIM’s recent Blackberry 10 app port-a-thon managed to net about 15,000 apps in just under two days. While all those submitted apps may or may not be approved, that’s certainly a large number of apps that RIM will be able to choose form and add it to the Blackberry 10 app store. Now it looks like the Canadian company is going for round […]

BlackBerry 10 Training Program Has Over 1,600 Businesses Registered
Earlier this morning, we talked about how a leaked BlackBerry 10 training program revealed more information on the operating system as well as upcoming smartphone that will run on said operating system, and here we are with more news about BlackBerry 10 – it seems that over 1,600 businesses in North America have already registered themselves to take part in a BlackBerry 10 training program, where this will happen before […]

BlackBerry 10 Training Materials Leaked
RIM is said to roll out their new BlackBerry 10 operating system as well as first batch of smartphones that will be powered by BlackBerry 10 later this January, but before that day arrives, there seems to be too many leaks surrounding BlackBerry 10 to write about. Whether it is done on purpose or not remains to be seen, but one thing we do know – there is no escaping […]

Visa Approves NFC Mobile Payment Solution For RIM
RIM, the manufacturer of all things BlackBerry, has just announced that Visa has given their nod of approval for their NFC-based mobile payment solution which allows carriers to support payments on just about any NFC-enabled smartphone. This underlines RIM’s seriousness in getting a slice of the growing mobile payments market, where RIM’s Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution that paves the way for users to enjoy mobile payments will be made […]

RIM Gets Approval From Visa
Just in time for the imminent launch of BlackBerry 10, Research In Motion is announcing today that its mobile payment solution has been approved by Visa. Visa said its yes to RIM’s Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC mobile payments. In case you were wondering, RIM’s SEM will act as the back-end solution for carriers to securely manage credentials on SIM cards, which are installed in all types of NFC-capable mobile […]

Leaked BlackBerry Z10 Video By German Website Leaves Nothing To The Imagination
We’re only 15 days away from RIM’s big media event where they plan to make a number of BlackBerry 10 announcements, although with the recent leaks of multiple handsets and first looks into the BlackBerry 10 OS, we can’t imagine there being anything else up RIM’s sleeve at this point. That is, besides actually showing off the new handsets and the OS together on film, which is exactly what another […]

BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Release Date Leaked
RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch is just a few weeks away, and we’ve seen a few leaks here and there, tidbits really, of what is to come. In spite of the fact that all the major carriers in the U.S. as well as in Canada have confirmed their support for BB10, RIM has kept its mouth shut as far as the release dates are concerned. Of course, spilling the beans is […]