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BlackBerry 10 tested by 50 carriers, on track for Q1 2013 release
Research In Motion (RIM) has been slowly but steadily losing their smartphone market share not only in the US, but in just about every other country in the world – with the exception of perhaps Indonesia. Those who are still flying RIM’s flag high have hopes that the BlackBerry 10 operating system that is scheduled for a Q1 2013 release will arrive on time, and not come botched in any […]

Pentagon will continue to use BlackBerry phones
In spite of an era that is dominated by iPhone 5s, Galaxy smartphones, and Nexus devices, Research In Motion continues to prove its reliability in terms of security, at least to the Pentagon. The Pentagon, the heart of America’s security and defense, said today that it will continue to use and support BlackBerry phones. This is definitely a good news for the struggling BlackBerry maker, considering that the U.S. military […]

Blackberry 10 bootup screen revealed in photo
We know that RIM will be making a ton of changes to Blackberry with the introduction of Blackberry 10 which will be launching next year, and thanks to Twitter user @a5enk, a photo of the bootup screen for the Blackberry 10 London device has been revealed. Assuming the photo is real, it looks like RIM has changed the progress bar found on current Blackberry devices to something a little more […]

Blackberry 10 users will still need to subscribe to a Blackberry data plan
While this is more or less a given, we guess that there are some users out there who were hoping that there was a chance that come Blackberry 10, RIM will stop making users subscribe to a Blackberry data plan and instead just use regular plans like everyone else. Well it turns out that won’t be the case, and in a post explaining the Dev Alpha A and Dev Alpha […]


RIM takes third place in IDC's Q3 2012 report, bumps Nokia from top 5
It’s no secret that RIM has fallen from the top position that it used to hold only a few years ago, but we guess all good things must come to an end, right? Well perhaps not,  as some of you guys know, RIM is hoping to make a comeback with Blackberry 10, a new platform with new devices that support it and so far from what we’ve seen, it certainly […]

Maiden BlackBerry 10 advice center for developers opened by RIM
Some have even touted RIM (Research In Motion) to go the way of the dodo in 2013, but I think that it will take more time than that for such a scenario to pan out. RIM has been steadily losing market share in the smartphone segment, and it is rather sad to see them competing for the rather insignificant third place in the smartphone operating system market, jostling for breathing […]

BlackBerry 10 delay refuted
Earlier in the morning, there was an analysis that BlackBerry 10 will miss its January 2013 release date, settling instead for a launch that will happen sometime in March 2013, which is just a couple of months after that (although as we mentioned, the two months could be crucial when it comes to the fast paced world of consumer electronics, especially smartphones and their operating systems). Jefferies’ Peter Misek is […]

Blackberry 10 expected in March 2013 instead of January according to analyst
RIM is expected to launch the Blackberry 10 platform and accompanying devices in January of 2013, although according to Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek, he claims that RIM will instead be launching Blackberry 10 at a later date – March 2013 to be exact. According to Misek in his research note:“We had hoped for a January launch but now see a March launch as more likely […] Also, our checks point […]

RIM's Playbook tablet pulled from US retailers, new model on its way?
RIM’s Playbook tablet has been around for quite a while now and so far, apart from the inclusion of 4G, there hasn’t really been a true successor to the tablet. No word on when we could see said successor but it seems that the wait might not be too long. There have been several reports where major US online retailers have pulled RIM’s Playbook from their stock. Some online retailers […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 released
RIM has introduced the latest version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update that will be made available for the Wi-Fi-only BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Just what does BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 bring to the table? Well, we are looking at a new range of capabilities and security features which should bring a smile to the face of consumers, enterprises and developers, as you are able to secure all data on […]

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform gaining on RIM over in Europe
It is unfortunate but both Microsoft and RIM’s mobile platforms are not where they would like them to be right now. Sure, both companies would love to be among the top dogs, iOS and Android, and we guess we will have to see how the latest iterations of either company’s efforts will pay off. However it looks like as far as the European market is concerned, Microsoft might be gaining […]

BlackBerry Aristo could be flagship RIM device
Every smartphone company needs a flagship model, otherwise how the heck is it supposed to be able to stamp its mark on the market? Well, it seems that leaked hardware specifications of the BlackBerry Aristo have hit the Internet, where it will be part of the BlackBerry 10 dance that is happening real soon. Of course, this will have nothing to do with the BlackBerry L-Series, but rather, will be […]

BlackBerry London specifications leaked
Are you looking forward to just what RIM (Research In Motion) has in store for the masses with their BlackBerry 10 platform, especially the L-Series of devices which comprise of the London, Lisbon and Laguna? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, here is a little bit of good news for you – leaked specifications for the BlackBerry London have arrived, where it is tipped to come with a […]

BlackBerry Laguna for Verizon specs leaked
There is nothing quite like a hardware specifications leak to drum up additional interest on a particular device, and it would be on par with that of an image leak, of course. We do know that RIM just afforded themselves a little bit of breathing room with the kind of optimism that surrounds the BlackBerry 10 operating system which is due to be released soon, and one of the more […]