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Elder Scrolls Online Subscribers To Get A Free Pet
When it comes to the world of gaming, you can be sure that people tend to gravitate toward a particular genre due to their skillset and interest, and within that genre itself, there will be several franchises where you can “pledge your allegiance to”, so to speak, or rather, in simpler terms, be a fanboy/girl of that gaming franchise, defending it with all your worth online while even dreaming about […]

BioWare Confirms Shadow Realms As Online-Only PC Exclusive Title
When it comes to RPGs, it has been quite a long and eventful journey for this genre to make its way across the computer platform. Over the years, we have seen cult classics like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, and this time around, there might just be another title that will reignite your passion and appetite for another RPG romp on your PC, much to the chagrin of your partner. […]