shadow-realmsWhen it comes to RPGs, it has been quite a long and eventful journey for this genre to make its way across the computer platform. Over the years, we have seen cult classics like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, and this time around, there might just be another title that will reignite your passion and appetite for another RPG romp on your PC, much to the chagrin of your partner. BioWare has just confirmed that Shadow Realms will arrive as an exclusive title on the computer, not to mention it being an online only game.


The new intellectual property will be inspired by pen-and-paper RPGs, bringing old school magic into the current technological revolution in computer games. The setting in Shadow Realms would remain within that of a modern fantasy arena, where there will be an ever-evolving over-arching narrative which will roll out from time to time. BioWare hopes that this will have a similar effect as that of a TV series, although it will be the entire community exploring it together this time around. You have the choice to hook up to a four-player party, or to go against a similar party, except that you are in the guise of a Shadowlord. Time will tell whether Shadow Realms will be a success or not.

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