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HTC Rumored To Make Two Nexus Handsets In 2016
HTC has not really enjoyed much success in the smartphone market for the past few years and perhaps it’s going to take a new Nexus smartphone or two in order to turn its fortunes around. A new rumor suggests that HTC is going to make two new Nexus handsets this year. It won’t be the first time it’s going to collaborate with Google on hardware so there’s no reason to […]

New iPhones And iPad To Arrive This September 6 (Rumor)
If you are an iPhone watcher (someone who is always on the lookout as to when the next generation iPhone is going to be released or unveiled), then you might want to mark this particular date down on your calendar – September 6th. Now that we are already coming to the end of July, there is a chance that September is when the new iPhone, as well as the purported […]

Next Generation Xbox Needs An Internet Connection [Rumor]
It is that time of the video game console cycle again, when the current vanguard are creaking on its hinges, and their processors about sputtering to deliver the maximum frame rates possible for the gamer to enjoy, knowing that their twilight hours are here, and a new generation of consoles are waiting in the wings to take over their mantle. Well, word on the street from sources who have had […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Skips MWC, Sees US Launch In March Instead
The next big thing from Samsung when it comes to smartphones would be the Samsung Galaxy S4, and just what do we know about this bad boy? Well, apparently, the South Korean conglomerate intends to hold a major event in the US this coming March to roll out the Galaxy S4, which would definitely be a bummer to those who had hoped for an introduction to the new flagship device […]


iPhone 5S leaked pics show slight difference to iPhone 5 [Rumor]
We reported a rumor last month that revealed Apple might begin trial production of the next iPhone, for now called the iPhone 5S, by the end of this year. Seeing as its early December, this is as close to “end of the year” as it gets, and because of that, we now have a possible leak of the next iPhone 5S.According to French website, photos of what could potentially be […]

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition To Arrive In 2014?
Hmmm, it seems that Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, long hailed to be a next-gen console title, will be hitting the market sometime in 2014 instead of 2013 as originally envisioned. Just how did this juicy rumor get out of the gates? Well, an Electronic Arts Shanghai level designer’s resume appeared on LinkedIn recently (which has since been deleted, naturally) which claimed that the game’s scope has already changed, and it […]

Microsoft And Amazon Smartphones Coming?
It was rumored that Microsoft might be looking into churning out additional hardware, especially after they have had done a pretty good job with the Windows RT tablet, although sales of that tablet seemed to fall short of Microsoft’s expectations. Having said that, the new hardware that Microsoft could possibly work on is unsurprisingly, a Windows Phone 8-powered device, as this segment of the market does seem to offer more […]

Unsubsidized iPhone Coming Your Way?
There are whispers going around that there could be an unsubsidized version of the iPhone lurking out there, especially when the same rumors also point towards Apple rolling out a more affordable iPhone model which will not be subsidized in any way – meaning, you can just purchase it unlocked, and pop in a microSIM card that is connected to a mobile carrier of your choice. At the moment, it […]

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 seen in tests with Cortex A15 processor
The Galaxy S4 exists, the Galaxy S4 does not exist, the Galaxy S4 exists…and so the merry-go-round continues. Although Samsung did come up with an official denial of the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S4 being announced at MWC 2013, there are whispers that this could be very well a cover up, as those who want to believe claim that the benchmark above is proof that the Galaxy S4 exists.After […]

21-megapixel Nokia Lumia handset in the works?
The video above might shed some light on the possibility, however remote, of a 21-megapixel Nokia Lumia shooter. Of course, this is just a theory that is pulled out from the air as the video itself is 21 seconds long, and Phi being the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, with 21 being very close to half of the number 41, which is actually the amount of megapixels that the […]

Sony NEX-5R specifications leaked
Sony Alpha Rumors has managed to get hold of what they claim to be the official specifications of the upcoming Sony NEX-5R shooter, but as with any other rumor out there, it would always be prudent to read it with a pinch of salt, although you are free to add in more salt than usual if the rumor sounds extremely outlandish. It seems that this new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera […]

Alleged iPhone 5 parts shown off in video, compared to iPhone 4S
Late yesterday, a new video hit the Internet that showed off the iPhone 4S’ parts being compared to alleged iPhone 5 components, where it highlighted the alleged changes that Apple made concerning the flex cables and screen size. I am not quite sure what to make of the video myself, why not you take a look at it and draw your own conclusion? Basically, anything seems to be hot for […]

New iPhone USB cable with smaller dock connector leaked?
I guess with the number of rumors that have circulated concerning the new iPhone which has been deemed to arrive this coming September, it would not hurt at all to have yet another rumor hit the news wires, right? We are talking about a redesigned dock connector that comes in a smaller form factor, and the image above was a photo which circulated on Twitter courtesy of a certain Jack […]

Windows Phone 8 hardware to be released on October 1st?
The Internet is definitely not the place to be if you want solid facts that are unerring in their nature. Whatever you read online, it is always good to perform cross references and checks to make sure that you are on the right track, and I guess the same can be said for rumors and whispers of upcoming hardware. We all know that Windows Phone 8 is well on its […]