Looks like Apple has more than halved the upcoming next generation iPhone’s dock connector in terms of pins used, as the latest rumor making its rounds on the Internet thanks to iLounge’s sources would be the presence of an 8-pin dock connector for the new iPhone, clearly making it far smaller than what many people had anticipated originally. What you see above is just for illustration purposes, and it does not reflect the situation of the actual upcoming dock connector. I guess one thing can be confirmed – whether you are looking at 8-pins or 19-pins for the next generation iPhone’s dock connector, it is definitely going to be smaller.

There is one main issue with a change in the dock connector – does this mean all the current accessories will be rendered useless, unless you fork out for a brand new converter of sorts? Hopefully the converter solution would work, otherwise it would mean starting all over again in collecting new accessories for the brand new iPhone.

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