There are whispers going around that there could be an unsubsidized version of the iPhone lurking out there, especially when the same rumors also point towards Apple rolling out a more affordable iPhone model which will not be subsidized in any way – meaning, you can just purchase it unlocked, and pop in a microSIM card that is connected to a mobile carrier of your choice. At the moment, it is common practice in the US as well as throughout Europe for network providers to offer devices such as the iPhone and Galaxy S3 to customers at a subsidized price, and we normally look at figures such as $200.

The networks themselves will have to buy the smartphone from the manufacturer (Apple in the case of the iPhone), and keep their fingers crossed that the subscribers are able to spend more than the cost of the handset itself throughout a minimum-term contract. Hence, this particular rumor about Apple rolling out a cheaper and dumbed down iPhone a couple of years from now in order to take advantage of markets such as China and India. What do you think of this rumor?

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