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Safari Exploits Demonstrated At Pwn20wn 2018
It is rare if not impossible that software is completely invulnerable to hacks or exploits, which is why updates are important and why companies reward developers who discover bugs or possible hacks. In fact recently at the Pwn20wn 2018 event, several Safari exploits were demonstrated.

New Malicious Link Can Cause Apple’s Messages, Safari App To Crash
Back in 2016 a bug was discovered in which it allowed attackers to send a malicious text message to iPhone users in which it could cause their phones to crash. Now it seems that a new malicious link has been discovered that can pretty do much the same thing, where clicking on it will cause Apple’s Messages and/or Safari app to crash.

Safari’s Tracking Prevention Cost Advertising Companies Millions
One of the new features that Apple introduced in iOS 11 was an update to its Safari mobile browser, where the company added an “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” tool. This tool was designed to prevent ads and websites from tracking users across the entire internet, meaning that whatever tracking is being done can only be done on the website you are visiting.

iPhone Users In The UK Could Claim As Much As £500 From Google
A lot of companies and developers will you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to them. This is why companies such as Apple have baked in security settings in their apps like Safari designed to protect a user’s privacy, like blocking cookies from third-parties and advertisers by default.


Safari Now Reportedly Consumes Less Memory Than Before
While Google’s Chrome browser is feature rich and packed with functionality, it is a bit of a memory hog, or at least that’s the reputation that it has gotten over the years, although to Google’s credit they have been improving it on that front. However if you’re a Mac user looking for a relatively light browser, going native could be a good idea.

Safari 11 Released For macOS Sierra And El Capitan Devices
About a week ago Apple confirmed that its next OS update, macOS High Sierra, would be released to Mac users on the 25th of September. One of the features of macOS High Sierra would be a new version of Safari, but the good news is that if you wanted to take the new Safari for a spin, you can now do so.

Apple Responds To Advertisers Over Safari Cookie Blocking Criticism
One of the new features of Safari that users can expect in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra is called “Intelligent Tracking Prevention”, with the main idea being that if you use Safari to browse the web, it will block cookies from tracking you across multiple websites, thus preventing those very targeted and personal ads that you see from time to time.

Advertisers Up In Arms Over Safari’s Smarter Cookie Blocking Feature
It seems that Apple can’t seem to launch new features for its products without courting some kind of controversy. For example while Face ID might seem like a new and exciting way for users to protect their phones against unauthorized access, law enforcement officials have expressed their displeasure over it.

Spotify Can No Longer Be Streamed Via Safari
There are many ways in which one can stream Spotify from, such as their mobile devices, computers, connected speakers and so on. Even on the computer, there are a couple of options, such as using the dedicated Spotify desktop app or streaming via their computer’s browser.

How To Bookmark on iPhone (Safari+Chrome)
Bookmarks are shortcuts to your favorite web pages for quick access. For instance, if you are looking for a guide to install Ubuntu on Windows, and let us assume that the web page you encountered is beneficial to get the job done. In this case, you might want to bookmark the web page for future reference (in case you need to do it again!).So, bookmarks are not just the web […]

Safari 11 Could Be The Fastest Browser For The Mac
There are many browsers available for Mac users. There is Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and of course the default browser Safari. If you are a Mac user who might be using third-party browsers instead of Safari, perhaps Safari 11 that will be bundled in macOS High Sierra could change your mind.

Safari For macOS High Sierra To Get New Features
If you’re a macOS user, you probably know that Safari is your default browser, but at the same time there are other options out there such as Google Chrome. However if you ever needed a reason to come back to Safari, then perhaps the update to Safari in the upcoming macOS High Sierra release could be tempting.

iOS 10.3 Patches Safari Security Hole
iOS 10.3 has been released for iOS users, and we know that there are some users out there who tend to wait before updating to see if there are any bugs. That is completely understandable, however for security reasons perhaps it might be worth updating to iOS 10.3 as soon as possible.

Chrome For iOS To Get Safari Reading List-Like Feature
One of the features of Apple’s Safari browser would be its reading list. Basically what this does is that it creates a list of websites and articles that you can save to read at a later time when you’re free. Granted there are other apps and services such as Pocket to help with that, but reading list is built into the browser itself.