As technology gets more sophisticated, so do the tools used for hacking, which means gone are the days when a simple username and password combination was enough to protect our online accounts. These days we’re starting to see the use of two-factor authentication, biometric security, and also physical USB security keys.

For those who are fans of USB security keys, you might be interested to learn that Apple is testing out allowing its Safari browser to support such devices. This is part of the the latest Safari Technology Preview where it comes with support for the WebAuthentication API which allows the authentication of logins on websites using the security key.

Security keys aren’t new and we have seen in the past how some software developers actually rely on such devices to authenticate whether or not a product is real. Even Google has started to implement its use at work where they claim that with the use of these keys, employees have managed to avoid getting phished. In fact Google themselves have started to sell these USB security keys dubbed Titan which you can get for $50.

Right now the support for security keys in Safari is in testing which means that it isn’t available to the general public yet, but presumably if all goes well, it should be part of a software update in the future.

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