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How To Clear iPhone & iPad Browser History
Clearing browser history on computers is an activity that we’re sure many of us are already familiar with. However since phones are such personal devices that are rarely ever shared, there is almost no need to clear the browsing history on your phone. However if you are planning on giving your phone away to a sibling or selling it off, maybe clearing your browser’s history would be a good idea.

Safari On iOS And OS X Seem To Be Crashing Today
It seems that for some strange reason, iOS and OS X users are reporting that today, their Safari app on either platform seems to be crashing out of the blue. For iOS users, some report that just by tapping the URL bar in the app will cause it to crash, which has led to speculation that maybe this has to do with the Safari Suggestions service.

Google Enables App Indexing For Safari On iOS
If you use Chrome on iOS and you surf to a website like Instagram or YouTube, it will attempt to launch into the app itself as opposed to displaying the mobile web version of the site. In terms of functionality this would be so much better as far as certain apps are concerned, especially if they require you to log in.However the feature was never available for Safari, at least […]

Video Shows Benefits Of iPhone 6s With 2GB Of RAM
Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with 2GB of RAM versus the 1GB of RAM found in its predecessors. This is double the amount from 2014, but is it really that big of a deal? After all the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus haven’t really had any speed-related issues so why would it now? Turns out it is a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to surfing.Thanks […]


Using Safari On A MacBook Helps Improve Battery Life
Chrome is a great browser, especially if you’re a heavy user of Google’s products and services. However its performance on Apple’s OS X platform is not particularly great and it has been found to be something of a battery drain. Now if you’re looking to extend the battery life of your MacBook, then perhaps switching to Safari would be a better idea.Before you think we’re getting paid by Apple to […]

Safari For iOS 9 Could Allow For Ad Blockers
While Android devices have access to apps and tools that block ads from being displayed in apps and websites, the same cannot be said for iOS. While OS X allows extensions such as AdBlock to be installed on Safari, this is a feature that has yet to be introduced to the iOS version of Safari, at least not until now.It seems that come iOS 9, Apple will allow app developers […]

Apple’s Safari Accounts For 55% Of Mobile & Tablet Usage In The US
Safari is the browser app that comes bundled by default on OS X and iOS devices, although we’re sure that there are some who might opt to install a different one on their devices, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on. Well as it turns out, that number might not be as big as we thought.According to a report from StatCounter, they have found that Safari actually accounted for 55% […]

Chrome On The 2015 MacBook Pro Is Still A Battery Drain
There are many browsers one can choose at the moment, but on OS X you get Safari loaded by default. Safari is a perfectly fine browser but we suppose there are some of you guys who might prefer a different browser, such as Chrome. However if you’re trying to squeeze the most battery life out of your MacBook Pro, then perhaps ditching Chrome is the way to go.According to The […]

New Safari Extension Lets You Enjoy Beats Music Without Flash
If you’re not a fan of the Adobe Flash platform, you will be pleased to learn that a new Safari extension has been released that will allow OS X owners to enjoy Beats Music via the web player version of Beats Music without having to rely on Flash. Instead the extension will see the web player use HTML5 which might sit well with some users.According to its creator, Chris Aljoudi, […]

Yahoo Will 'Welcome The Opportunity' If Picked As Default Safari Search Engine
Google may be the leader in online search but its rivals are always looking around for new opportunities that could help them steal away some market share from Mountain View. Yahoo’s recent deal with Mozilla, which made it the default browser on Firefox, did show that it stole some share from Google otherwise it wouldn’t be trying so hard to win Firefox users back. Could Yahoo score a similar deal with […]

OS X 10.10 Safari Users Complaining Of YouTube Incompatibility
It seems that whoever does the quality control over at Apple in the software department really needs to do their job better. Not only have users been plagued with buggy iOS 8 updates, it looks like OS X is no exception to the rule. In fact you might recall that it wasn’t too long ago that OS X 10.10 users were complaining of WiFi issues.Apple had issued an update that […]

Windows Phone's Browser Masquerades As Safari To Deliver Mobile Optimized Websites
When a user browses a website on their browser, the browser of that platform will tell the server what kind of browser they are so that the server will know whether or not to deliver a website for mobile or a website for desktop. There are plenty of mobile-optimized websites these days, although it seems that many of them are giving Internet Explorer for Windows Phone a hard time.What this […]

Safari Blocks Older Flash Plug-Ins Because Of Security Issues
Apple did send out a security message late today, citing that the company has taken the relevant steps to block out old versions of Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in when it comes to the Safari browser, with the reason behind this block being a recent flaw which carries the danger of letting hackers actually exploit data from the browser, cookies included.

Google's Browser Market Share Passes Microsoft In The US
We’re sure by now everyone probably knows how much of a joke the internet has turned Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser into, although to be fair they have made huge improvements over the years, but unfortunately it might be too little too late. According to recent findings from Adobe, it seems that Internet Explorer’s market share in the US has been on a downwards spiral, which has finally allowed Google Chrome […]