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Apple’s Online Store Can No Longer Be Accessed With Older Versions Of macOS
In a somewhat perplexing move, it seems that Apple has changed the requirements for accessing its online store by making it so that users with older version of its macOS software and Safari will no longer be able to access it. Instead, they will be greeted with an error message that tells them that they are using an “Unsupported Browser Version”.

Safari Zero-Day Exploit Can Takeover A Mac Computer Entirely
Safari is Apple’s default browser that comes bundled with their iOS and macOS devices. It’s a pretty decent browser but unfortunately, it seems that it might not necessarily be the most secure. This is according to a demonstration made at a white-hat hacker security conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Weird Safari Bug Lets Users Create Fake Headlines
Fake news has a been a big problem that many companies have been trying to tackle. Unfortunately it seems that a weird bug in Safari isn’t doing much to help curb the issue. The folks at MacRumors have recently discovered a bug within Safari that lets users create fake headlines that they can then send to friends.

Google Paid Apple $10 Billion To Remain Safari’s Default Search Engine
For iOS users out there, here’s an interesting question for you: if Google was not the default search engine when you use Safari, would you be bothered to navigate over to Google’s website or use the Google app, or would you just use whatever was the default search? Loyalists might actually bother to go to Google’s website, but that’s a chance that Google can’t afford to take.


Apple Removing Safari's 'Do Not Track' Feature
It appears that the next version of Apple’s Safari browser is going to ditch the “Do Not Track” feature. The release notes for Safari v12.1 mention that this version is going to remove “support for the expired Do Not Track standard to prevent potential use as a fingerprinting variable.”

Touch ID On MacBooks Can Soon Be Used For Safari Autofill
When Apple introduced Touch ID on their MacBook Pro laptops, it seemed like a good idea and a faster way to log into the laptop as well as authorize payments. However apart from that, it didn’t really do anything else. However that could change as Apple seems to be expanding on the feature’s functionality.

Some Believe Google ‘Intentionally’ Broke Microsoft & Apple’s Browsers
It was recently revealed that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul for its Edge browser where they would be adopting Chromium, Google’s rendering engine for websites, and thus ditching EdgeHTML in the process. It seemed like a smart idea with regards to compatibility, but it seems that Microsoft might have been forced into the matter.

Safari Will Soon Support USB Security Keys
As technology gets more sophisticated, so do the tools used for hacking, which means gone are the days when a simple username and password combination was enough to protect our online accounts. These days we’re starting to see the use of two-factor authentication, biometric security, and also physical USB security keys.

Apple’s CEO Calls Google’s Search Engine The ‘Best’
Apple has always boasted how the privacy of their customers is of utmost importance to them, which is why some have questioned the company’s decision to accept billions of dollars from Google so that Google can remain the default search engine on Safari, and this is something that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has since addressed.

iOS Screen Time Flaw Lets Kids Use Safari Without Limitations
One of the features that Apple introduced in iOS 12 is Screen Time. This basically lets users see how much time they’ve spent on an app (or apps), and it also allows users to set restrictions for themselves or if they’re a parent, for their kids. Unfortunately this is a feature that Apple should probably have worked on a bit more.

Safari In iOS 12 Has Built-In Protection Against Fake Keyboards
These days hackers are getting better at trying to trick users into giving away personal information. Take for example ads where back in the day, it was common to find ads designed to look like Windows popups, thus tricking users into clicking it and potentially install some spyware or malware in the process.

Google's Safari Deal Reportedly Costs $9 Billion
Search engine providers have a history of paying substantial sums of money to popular web browsers just so they can be the default search engine on them. Yahoo’s $300 million deal made it the default search engine on Mozilla’s Firefox but it was later outbid by Google. Safari, even though it’s only for Apple’s devices, is a widely used browser given the sheer number of products Apple has shipped. Google […]

Safari Exploits Demonstrated At Pwn20wn 2018
It is rare if not impossible that software is completely invulnerable to hacks or exploits, which is why updates are important and why companies reward developers who discover bugs or possible hacks. In fact recently at the Pwn20wn 2018 event, several Safari exploits were demonstrated.

New Malicious Link Can Cause Apple’s Messages, Safari App To Crash
Back in 2016 a bug was discovered in which it allowed attackers to send a malicious text message to iPhone users in which it could cause their phones to crash. Now it seems that a new malicious link has been discovered that can pretty do much the same thing, where clicking on it will cause Apple’s Messages and/or Safari app to crash.