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Samsung NX500 Camera Packs NX1 Features Into A Compact Body
Samsung just made its NX500 camera official. The NX500 is a mid-range (no NX500 pricing yet, but the NX300 model sells for $499 on Amazon) camera that has been designed to bring some of the high-end NX1 Camera features into a more affordable and more compact body. The NX500 shares most, if not all of the core capabilities of the Samsung NX1.

Samsung NX mini Camera, Now Official
The leaks were true, and the Samsung NX camera has been made official by Samsung. It is an extremely compact camera that features a very thin design (22mm, lens excluded) and a very light body weight of 196g (with battery) which is equivalent to a large smartphone. Of course, additional weight will be added up by one of the three special NX-M lenses available: a 9mm f3.5, 9-27mm f3.5-f5.6 OIS […]

Samsung NX Mini Camera Leaks
It appears that Samsung is expanding its “mini” philosophy far beyond smartphones. The company is known for launching toned down variants of its flagship smartphones, but who would’ve thought it would do the same for its NX cameras. Pictures of a Samsung NX mini camera have leaked online, at first glance its immediately evident that its much smaller in size when compared to Samsung’s NX1000 and NX2000 cameras.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Review
Shortly before the first Galaxy Camera came out, we knew that Android cameras were going to land and stay. As cameras get smarter, the complexity of the software stack also becomes too hard to develop for camera makers (which are definitely NOT software-centric folks). Samsung is the company that has the best Android Camera offering today, and with the Galaxy NX, it just took the whole sector to the next […]


Samsung SmartCam HD Pro & SmartCam HD WiFi Cameras
[CES 2014] It’s been a while that we reported on Internet Cameras from Samsung Techwin. In fact it was at CES 2012 that Samsung had launched a WiFi SmartCam. The SmartCam HD Pro bring much better features, check the specs: 1080p video recording, 1/2.8” CMOS sensor (this is big for this category of imaging devices), 128-degree wide lens, night vision (16ft), two-way talk, SDXC 64GB memory slot, motion detection, 5 […]

Samsung NX30 Improves Auto-Focus, Ergonomics And More
[CES 2014] Samsung has officially unveiled its NX30 Smart Camera, its new high-end, non-Android Smart Camera. It is the successor of the NX300 that we played with in January of last year, before giving it a full review in October. The specifications of the Samsung NX30 look very good: APS-C sensor with 20.3 Megapixel, up to 25600 ISO and burst shooting of 9 frames per second.The auto-focus (AF) system is […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
[CES 2014] Two years ago, we predicted that Android will be everywhere, specifically in cameras. Since 2012, a handful of manufacturers launched Android cameras with Samsung leading the way. Today, the Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung’s third Android camera, launched.The Galaxy Camera first generation was introduced at IFA in 2012 (check the review here), and later that year in June, the manufacturer announced the Galaxy NX camera during an event we […]

Samsung Camera Smart Features 3.0
[CES 2014] As CES 2014, Samsung Digital Imaging is launching a number of cameras which all share a set of functions called Smart Features 3.0 by Samsung. This applies to all Samsung 2014 smart cameras (I believe that all new cameras ARE smart cameras) that do not run on Android. Yet, Android is not the only way when it comes to smart cameras. For instance, all the new Samsung smart […]

Samsung NX300 Camera Review
Samsung never used to be a big name in film cameras but has become one of the leading brands in digital photography. Ironically, its popular Galaxy smartphones are helping to dig a grave for point-and-shoot cameras – including Samsung’s own. In response, the company is following an idustry trend by focusing on “compact-system cameras,” which feature interchangeable lenses and promise the performance of a grown-up SLR in a small and […]