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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread update
The wait is over – if you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint, then you will be able to take advantage of what Android 2.3 Gingerbread is able to offer – once you download the software update, of course. This Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS software update from Sprint will cater only for the SPH-p100 Samsung Galaxy Tab, and will not leave out a single software improvement. For […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 receives FCC approval
One of the reasons the HTC Flyer comes in a 7″ form factor is because HTC wanted it to be small enough to hold in one hand without inducing any cramps in the long run, not to mention slipping the Flyer into your jacket pocket in a jiffy. Well, 10″ tablets are nice to look at, but try carrying it with just one hand all day long? Samsung explores the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 out this June 8th
Samsung has just announced that they will be rolling out their spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet from June 8th onwards in the US at all good participating retail stores near you. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, this tablet is really slim at 8.6mm in thickness, making it the thinnest of its kind in the world at the moment. Just in case you were wondering how far you can stretch […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ships with Android 3.1 Honeycomb in the US
In our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review, we played around with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, but here is news for you – the model which ships to the US will feature Android 3.1 Honeycomb upon its release Stateside, at least according to Samsung’s Facebook page. How do you know that this is true? Just check out the product information page on its US website to have those question […]


Galaxy Tab owners to get Android 2.3.3 update
Are you an owner (not necessarily a proud one, sorry, I couldn’t resist that jab) of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab? Here is a piece of good news now, as Samsung has announced that they will be introducing the Android 2.3.3 update (in other words, Gingerbread) for their maiden attempt at the tablet market. Originally reported at Androidiani and confirmed by users from XDA-Developers, Samsung Galaxy Tab owners residing in […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 arrives at the FCC
Samsung has a couple more Galaxy Tab up their sleeves this year, with the 10.1 model having been unveiled at CTIA Wireless earlier this year, being powered by the latest tablet-specific Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. Of course, you should not mistake this for the original and a whole lot fatter 10.1 tablet, since this model that has just arrived at the FCC measures a mere 8.6 mm thin. The […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi version has gimped graphics
Your top dollar might not help you earn top performance in devices that you purchase these days, especially when you take the Samsung Galaxy Tab into consideration. We’re talking about the Wi-Fi only version which arrived in the market recently, where it more or less looks like the 3G enabled model on the outside, there are some rather significant differences when you remove those bolts and nuts that hold everything […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 seen in Germany
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 was first seen at CTIA Wireless earlier this year, where it came in the form of a glass protected dummy model. Well, the real deal has made an appearance in Germany during the weekend where everyone was greeted with news that the FBI’s most wanted criminal has been shot dead in Pakistan.The tablet from South Korea debuted at Frankfurt, where it was a whole lot slimmer […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 To Launch at CTIA
Samsung is just about ready to launch its 8.9″ Tablet. The company’s headquarters has sent the invitation to all pre-registered CTIA media. On the invite image, you can see a tablet with the number 78910. Interestingly, that can be interpreted as 7″ 8.9″ and 10″ – or the whole Samsung line up for your Tab life.If we look at what the competition, namely LG’s Optimus Pad, is doing we can […]

Samsung says no to smaller 7-inch tablets
The Galaxy Tab was meant to knock the Apple iPad off its lofty perch, but sad to say, this rather heavy device failed to perform as intended. Well, fret not – Samsung has been working on a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 which sports a much more generous display area, and according to Samsung Mobile’s executive Dr W. P. Hong, the Korean company will be shunning the 7-inch tablet variety in […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab drops price down to $250
Could this be a pre-Honeycomb inventory dump? Perhaps, considering T-Mobile has slashed the Samsung Galaxy Tab price down to $250 which is at its cheapest to date. T-Mobile is offering the tablet device directly, but at that price point, it will be accompanied by a 2-year agreement, which makes you locked into it while you miss the range of Gingerbread tablets which are set to light up the world this […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate below 2% (Samsung)
A couple of days ago, a Wall Street analyst firm believed that 15% of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets were being returned by customers. This came in the context where Samsung had announced that the Tab did hit the 2 million unit shipped. That 15% number did stir a lot of controversy and quickly spread on the web (as it is often the case). Samsung has replied to this by […]

Galaxy Tab Review
Galaxy Tab review - what does it do? What function does it create or improve upon? Here are the answers

LTE Galaxy Tab headed to Verizon along with 1.2GHz processor and 5-megapixel camera
[CES 2011] While we already anticipated plenty of tablets to be available at CES (and there are millions of them), what most people didn’t expect was the arrival of an updated version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. This latest tablet is a Verizon device, since it touts a built-in LTE modem while maintaining compatibility for Verizon’s existing 3G network. Aside from connectivity, Samsung has bumped the specifications by offering a 1.2GHz […]