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Amazon Expands Food Delivery Service To San Francisco
Amazon today announced that it has expanded its free one-hour restaurant delivery service to 33 ZIP codes across San Francisco. It’s partnering with over 115 local eateries including Nick’s Crispy Tacos, Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers and more for this service. The food delivery service is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers who can access the service using the Prime Now app.

San Francisco Apple Store Moving Soon
Apple is on the move up, and I am not referring to their stock price, but rather, the fact that their flagship retail store in San Francisco is set to shift a few blocks away from its present location. Obviously, the new location will boast of a larger space and will be located in the City by the Bay’s high-end shopping district. In fact, Apple has already submitted its plans […]

San Francisco Buses Shown In Live Map
San Francisco, being one of the more cosmopolitan cities around the world, has played host to its fair share of events and product launches in the past, is about to embark on something new yet again which is part of the excitement of this great and wonderful city. I am referring to this particular map that depicts the current position of San Francisco buses pulled from data at bus stops, […]

Apple Stonestown Galleria Store Is Going To Triple In Size
Apple will be expanding its smallest store in San Francisco this year, so much so that it is going to triple in size. The store is located at the Stonestown Galleria which is near the San Francisco State University. Right now it is a modest 3,160 square feet, out of which only 1,500 square feet is public retail space, however the new location in the mall where the store is being […]


San Francisco Bay Bridge Lights Up Ethernet-Enabled LEDs
The famous Bay Bridge over at San Francisco is one iconic sight (although not as famous as the Golden Gate, but still..), and it is going to get even more famous now when 25,000 LEDs light up along a section which measures a whopping 1.8 miles in length, every single night for the next two years. It was from Tuesday evening when the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was transformed into […]

Sprint’s 4G LTE Network Available For San Francisco
Sprint has added new locations to its 4G LTE network, mainly in the San Francisco area, New York City and Washington, D.C as s part of their nationwide rollout of the 4G LTE network. The service seems to be great in some neighborhoods, while not so good in others.The site deployment has started in San Francisco and coverage will become better as more sites are added.  The sites being added […]

AT&T's 4G LTE network launches in the San Francisco Bay Area
In the past month or so, some power users did notice that AT&T had switched its 4G LTE network on, but today, the wireless carrier has made the switch official and AT&T’s 4G LTE network is open for business in the SF Bay Area. By now most of you are familiar with the benefits of a 4G LTE network – if you’re not, you can always read our “4G Networks, […]

Apple launches in-store pickup program in San Francisco
A couple of days ago we reported that there was some murmurings of Apple launching a new program called Sherwood. This would allow users to place their orders online via Apple’s online website and pick up their orders in an Apple retail store, thus allowing for more flexibility and freedom and the ability to order customized Apple computers that are normally no available in the retail stores. As it turns […]

Apple and SFPD cooperating to locate missing iPhone prototype
Remember the missing iPhone 5 prototype that supposedly went missing at a bar? Well, we received word that Apple investigators impersonated San Francisco police officers in their own effort to track down the missing prototype, which could be a serious crime if it was true. Well, hopefully all’s well that ends well, with the SFPD having admitted to cooperating with Apple in order to find the still missing prototype.

San Francisco on cloud (nine) with Microsoft
Microsoft and San Francisco have agreed and signed a contract which will see cloud services being introduced to 23,000 or so municipal employees. This transition to Microsoft Exchange Online will be done in a continuous phase over the next year, where employees from more than 60 departments and agencies will be involved. On May 18th, city executives held a conference call that suggested the initiative would involve around $1.2 million […]

Google to introduce NFC payment systems in New York and San Francisco?
Ever since Google brought the Nexus S onto the market with NFC capabilities, they’ve been pretty quiet with the pushing of NFC-services throughout the country (other than Hotspot they haven’t been doing much). But now it looks like they’re back on track with NFC again. According to a report from Bloomberg, the search engine giant will be testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco sometime […]

San Francisco Bay Area now covered in Sprint's 4G WiMAX network
You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally arrived. Sprint has just launched its 4G WiMAX network in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sprint touts the network as being able to offer mobile web browsing up to 10 times faster than a 3G service and it will initially be available in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto and Oakland. Nationwide, folks are already enjoying Sprint’s 4G network in various […]

MetroPCS 4G LTE Network Is Now Live In San Fran
Verizon isn’t the only LTE provider around as MetroPCS has also announced the launch of its 4G LTE network. The network will cover San Francisco and surrounding areas, joining Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Detroit and Dallas/Fort Worth to be covered by MetroPCS’ LTE network. MetroPCS is also planning to expand its 4G services to cover Atlanta, Boston, Jacksonville, Miami, New York, Orlando, Sacramento and Tampa between December and early […]

San Francisco parking meters have variable pricing depending on demand
San Francisco – you might just leave your heart in that cosmopolitan city the next time you drop by if you’re a geek, especially when its new parking meters will come with automatically adjusting prices which will change, depending on demand. This is part of the 2-year SFpark experiment, where the new meters will be able to tell just how much in-demand the spaces they govern are, and can range […]