Toshiba Satellite P700 Series

The new Satellite P700 Series consumer notebooks is a mid-range product line that features the new “FusionX2” texture, a pretty cool design experiment from Toshiba (see the close up picture after the jump). The P700 series offers more features and better performance than the new L700 Series, it is designed for performance and entertainment. Featuring either the second-gen Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors (some configurations get the NVIDIA […]

Toshiba Satellite L700 Series

Toshiba is introducing its new line of consumer notebooks on the same day as the AMD new APU (Accelerating Processing Unit) A-series. The Satellite L700 Series is a entry/mid level product line that will get you through all your everyday computing tasks while making you look fashionable: the L700 features a “FusionFinish” with Matrix pattern is available in silver, graphite, white brown, red, and a special version in brushed anodized […]

Project Calliope wants to turn atmospheric measurements into music

In one of the more interesting Kickstarter projects we’ve seen recently, Sandy Antunes, has plans to send a satellite into space to convert the ionosphere into music that people can listen to. But he can’t do it without your help. Called Project Calliope, Antunes is almost done with the satellite but he needs the funds from the Kickstarter in order to finish the whole project. When the satellite is launched […]

Toshiba Satellite C655D offers performance on a budget

[CES 2011] Toshiba certainly intends to cover all grounds with their latest range of notebooks, where they want to suit every budget and need, with the Toshiba Satellite C655D targeting those who are on a particularly tight budget and yet do not want to compromise on processing power. Well, the Satellite C655D might just fit this criteria to a T, sporting AMD’s new E-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with on-die […]


Spot Connect brings satellite connectivity to your Android-powered phone

You might not always be in a location blessed with cellular connectivity and if you’re looking for a solution to that scenario, you might want to check out the Spot Connect. This device offers Bluetooth connectivity to sync with smartphones that are powered by Google’s Android, though support for other platforms is already on the way. It allows your smartphone to determine location information via the Globalstar satellite network and […]

NASA wants to send scramjet spacecraft into space using a railgun

Sending an object out into space is no joke, as it has to have enough escape velocity to escape the earth’s gravity pull. NASA has been sending monkeys and people to space for umpteen years now, and are always looking for more efficient ways of doing so. Their latest effort for a satellite launching system is currently undergoing some work, aided by additional sources of thrust. NASA intends to make […]

Toshiba Satellite C660 unveiled in Europe

Toshiba knows that for many countries, their economies are not out of the woods just yet. Well, having said this, they have introduced the Satellite C660 15.6-inch budget notebook which will target regular consumers, bringing lower-end Intel and AMD processors to the market (that would mean unearthing an Intel Core i3, Pentium and Celeron, or AMD Athlon II and V Series processors). Features of the C660 include integrated graphics, up […]

Boeing’s Solar-Powered SolarEagle Plane to Hover for Five Years Straight

Boeing is under contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to create a solar-powered airplane that can stay in the air for five years straight. The project is supervised by DARPA and is called the SolarEagle, which will be an unmanned aircraft that will begin its first flight in 2014, serving as a sensor and communications platform for the military and could potentially turn into cheaper communications and reconnaissance satellites. […]

Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop offers entertainment and style in a single package

Toshiba’s latest Satellite A665 laptop will target those who want to do work as well as let their hair down on the same machine without breaking the bank, where the A665 fits the bill perfectly – at least according to Toshiba. It can be configured to a pretty high performance processor (we’re talking about an Intel Core i7 chip and an NVIDIA GeForce 330M graphics chipset here) that is pocket-friendly, […]

Toshiba Introduces Its Satellite T210 11.6-inch Notebook

There are already so many notebooks and netbooks in the market, but Toshiba is getting ready a new thin and light notebook for you, one that is just 0.7 inches thick at its thinnest point and weighs 3.26 pounds, dubbed the T210. Sporting an 11.6-inch display, it shouldn’t be too bulky to carry around, if portability is what you’re looking for. Word is that this notebook will be available in […]

GPS Satellites To Get $8bn Overhaul

GPS is such a common feature in mobile phones and gadgets nowadays that we’ve almost come to take the service for granted. We forget that there are 24 busy GPS satellites working to feed us all the location data that we’re requesting. There is some great news, though, as the United States is planning an $8 billion overhaul of the 24 aging satellites. With the new hardware, users will be […]

Now Even Satellites Are Getting Into Twitter

We already know that an astronaut beat us to the punch in sending the first tweet from space, and now it seems that even Satellites are hopping on the addictive Twitter bandwagon. The Nakasuka Lab at the University of Tokyo has introduced the ability to tweet to its CubeSat XI-V. The tweets might be slightly mundane as it tends to focus on what the temperature is, occasionally sending a picture back, […]

Toshiba Satellite T100 laptops are its thinnest and lightest yet

[CES 2010] The new Satellite T100 series laptops from Toshiba are touted to be the thinnest and lightest models from the Japanese manufacturer to date, where they are much more capable than your everyday netbook while taking up less space and weight compared to a normal laptop, offering a compromise in both niche markets by meeting at the middle. Targeting folks who are always on-the-go, the T100 series will offer […]

Toshiba Ultra-Thin Laptops with Ultra-low Power CPUs and Windows 7

The battle of the ultra-thin laptops is raging for Christmas 2009, thanks to Intel Ultra-low power CPUs. Today, Toshiba launched its T100 series with Windows 7, respectively the 13.3-inch T135 with either Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 (1.3GHz, 800 MHz, 2 MB) or Intel SU2700 (1.3GHz, 800 MHz, 2 MB) and the 11.6-inch T115 with Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 (1.3GHz, 800 MHz, 2 MB) or Intel Celeron 743 (1.2GHz, 800 […]