Project Calliope

In one of the more interesting Kickstarter projects we’ve seen recently, Sandy Antunes, has plans to send a satellite into space to convert the ionosphere into music that people can listen to. But he can’t do it without your help. Called Project Calliope, Antunes is almost done with the satellite but he needs the funds from the Kickstarter in order to finish the whole project.

When the satellite is launched into space, it will use convert the activity of the ionosphere – the layer of space where low-earth satellites fly and where the auroras occur, into music. The music will then be shared to anybody interested in what space sounds like and will also be made available for musicians to remix, resample, play around with and basically make space-inspired music to be shared with the Project Calliope community. In essence, this is basically a project to make music from science.

Sounds like a good reasons as any for sending out a satellite into space. Head over to its Kickstarter page or the Project Calliope website to find out more details. If you plan to help you, you better hurry! It only has 37 hours to go (at this time of writing).

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