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Scosche’s BoomBottle+ Has Been Designed For Cyclists
If you love cycling outdoors and want to listen to music, there aren’t many options that are designed specifically for cyclists in mind. You could buy mounts to hook up speakers to your handlebars, or you could wear earphones which is admittedly a tad dangerous since you need to be able to hear oncoming traffic.However Scosche is here to the rescue with the BoomBottle+. As you can see from the […]

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Announced
So, heart rate monitors are dime a dozen in the market at this point in time, so if you happen to be a fitness buff and are in the market for a brand new heart rate monitor, perhaps it would be prudent to consider Scosche’s RHYTHM+. The RHYTHM+ happens to be an armband heart monitor which is capable of optically measuring one’s blood flow as well as movement to keep […]

Scosche controlFREQ Car Stereo Receiver
Scosche has just announced a spanking new controlFREQ car stereo receiver as well as an accompanying app which will be able to transform the majority of smartphones out there into a touchscreen remote control. Not only that, it will also enable users to stream their favorite tunes from their smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device without missing a beat, and this universally compatible receiver is also capable of playing music over a […]

Scosche Lightning Connector Cables Now Available
The launch of the iPhone 5 not only brought an iPhone with a larger screen, but it also introduced the Lightning connector. Since then, Apple’s new Lightning connector has made it to the iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad, which means accessory makers have been scrambling to provide updated accessories to help support the new connector.Scosche is one accessory maker that has yet to provide official Lightning connector compatible cables, […]


Scosche boomBottle Dishes Out Tunes
[CES 2013] If you were in the desert dying of thirst, you would probably start to wonder whether your mind is playing tricks on you as the Scosche boomBOTTLE starts to dish out some tunes. Is it a mirage? How come a water bottle implement is “singing”? Well, that is because this is no mirage, and you are not imagining things despite being extremely dehydrated, as the Scosche boomBOTTLE functions […]

Scosche RH1060 Bluetooth Headphones
[CES 2013] When it comes to the number of Bluetooth enabled headphones in the market, they are dime a dozen. Well, Scosche intends to stamp a very different mark for themselves with the Scosche RH1060 Reference Grade Bluetooth headphones, where this wireless model will be the latest addition to their award winning range of reference grade headphones. This will be the most recent over-ear model from Scosche that comes with […]

Scosche accessories for the next-gen iPhone leaked, shows off 9-pin dock connector
There have been multiple reports suggesting that Apple could be redesigning the dock connector for its next-gen iPhone, taking it from a 30-pin connector down to a 9-pin one. While that remains to be seen, alleged leaked photos from manufacturer Scosche (via iLounge) for accessories for the next-gen iPhone seem to be in line with the rumors. Either that or Scosche is getting ahead of itself by creating accessories based […]

Scosche boomSTREAM Bluetooth speaker
Scosche has just announced the availability of their boomSTREAM Bluetooth speaker which lets you take the wireless route in your home, and it offers all 33 feet of wireless goodness to boot. Playing nice with Android- and iOS-powered devices which come alongside Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, it is the ideal portable speaker thanks to its compact form factor and lightweight design. Just what kind of audio goodness is the Scosche boomSTREAM […]

Scosche RAILkase gives your iPhone full impact protection
If you have the tendency to drop your iPhone or let it accidentally slip out of your hands, you might want to consider investing in some protection for it. Just in case the free bumper case you get with your iPhone isn’t enough, Scosche might have the solution for you. Called the RAILkase, it is touted as a rugged impact protection case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. It features […]

Scosche clipSYNC is handy and compact
Mobile phone accessory manufacturer Scosche Industries has just announced the availability of the new Scosche clipSYNC: a compact charge and sync cable for keeping your mobile devices charged. What makes this charge/sync cable different from the stock ones that come with your phone or third party alternatives on the market is its cleverly placed spring-loaded carbineer clip. The addition of the carbineer clip makes it easy to bring around with […]

Scosche RDTX and HRDTX radiation detectors
I would not have expected a company like Scosche to release devices like the RDTX and HRDTX home radiation detectors, but here they are. Surprisingly enough, it isn’t all that expensive with the RDTX retailing for around $280 after conversion. The RDTX radiation detector comes with an app for the iPhone and iPod touch, and will share similar features as that of the RDTX-PRO save for the missing stand-alone alarm […]

Scosche REALM series headphones now available
Scosche has just announced that its REALM lineup of high performance headphones and in-ear monitors are now available for purchase. Available in classy black or white, over-ear and in-ear variations, the REALM headphones are designed to give users an accurate representation of the music instead of extra bass/highs.The RH1056md and RH1056m over-ears feature 40mm drivers, precision wound copper voice coils, neodymium magnets, and feature viscoelastic memory foam that can form […]

Scosche RDTX-PRO radiation detector launched
If you’re worried about the radiation levels where you’re currently living, or at the next house you’re going to buy (especially if you’re in Japan), don’t worry – there’s an app (and a detector) for that. Scosche has just announced the launch of the RDTX-PRO radiation detector for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This hardware and app combination turns your iOS device into a mobile radiation detector that fits in […]

Scosche boomCAN portable media speakers
Interested in getting your hands on a set of portable speakers? If you are in the market for such a pair of speakers, it appears the Scosche has something that could be right up your alley with the boomCAN portable media speakers.

myTREK Pulse Monitor eliminates the need for a bulky chest strap
Scosche has just announced the launch of its myTREK Pulse Monitor and iPhone/iPod touch app for all you fitness junkies out there. If you exercise a lot and want a gauge of how well you’ve been performing, the myTREK Pulse Monitor is just for you. Users just strap it around their arm and turn on Bluetooth on their iOS device to get them paired up with the provided app.The Scosche […]

Scosche's sneakPEEK auto in-car A/V cable let's you stream videos to your vehicle's TV display
Some vehicles come with a built-in display that doubles up as a television of sorts, allowing you pop in a DVD and play it, distracting your kids for the next couple of hours. So what about those times that you did not bring a DVD with you, or perhaps you’re sick of the DVDs that you’ve kept in your car, then what? Well as long as your iOS device has […]

Scosche freeKEY Flexible Wireless Keyboard is the perfect party keyboard
Scosche Industries, manufacturer of third party accessories for the computer and mobile devices has just come up with a new keyboard, perfect for those who like to work on the go (and party at the same time). The Flexible Wireless Keyboard is the perfect travel companion for your tablet or smartphone device. Using Bluetooth to connect to your devices, this keyboard is hassle-free to set up and is extremely durable.

Scosche Announces The motorMOUTH II Handsfree Audio Car Kit
Scosche has added its motorMOUTH II Handsfree & Streaming Audio Car Kit to its line of iPhone accessories. The Bluetooth device is capable of hooking up to the vehicle’s MP3/AUX input, where a multi-function button can then be used to automatically pair the device. Users are presented with a one-touch voice dialing feature to make things easier, and the package also comes with an AUX relocation cable, allowing you to mount […]

Scosche netbook power inverter lets you go a-traveling
Scosche has a brand new netbook power inverter for those who do plenty of traveling, since it allows you to juice up your precious netbook (as well as notebook) right in your vehicle, relying on the 12V DC outlet to get things done. There is also a smaller 50W netVOLT inverter with integrated USB port for the car, alongside a netVOLT home 40W inverter wall charger to get your plethora […]

Scosche solBAT II loves sunbathing as well
The next time you head out to the beach to get a little bit of tan, why not bring the Scosche solBAT II with you? It won’t be able to massage your entire back with suntan lotion, but it is able to keep itself juiced up simply by basking under the sun, thanks to its built-in solar panel. The solBAT II improves on its predecessor by charging devices at a […]