Scosche myTREK Pulse MonitorScosche has just announced the launch of its myTREK Pulse Monitor and iPhone/iPod touch app for all you fitness junkies out there. If you exercise a lot and want a gauge of how well you’ve been performing, the myTREK Pulse Monitor is just for you. Users just strap it around their arm and turn on Bluetooth on their iOS device to get them paired up with the provided app.

The Scosche myTREK Pulse Monitor does the job wirelessly, eliminating the need for having wires or a bulky chest strap strapped to your body. It feeds data to the iPhone app which shows you your pulse rate, total calories burned, workout time, and target training zone to help you measure how well you’ve been performing and how close you are to your targets.

The app will also let users listen to their music while they workout using the built-in music controls. Voice prompts from the app also let users know their progress without having to look at the screen. The myTREK Pulse Monitor is available now for $129.99 from 24 Hour Fitness gyms nationwide, online and will be headed to Target, and Verizon Wireless stores soon. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store. Just make sure you get a sweat proof case if you decide to keep your iPhone in your pocket or strapped to your wrist while exercising.

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