Scosche freeKEY
Scosche Industries, manufacturer of third party accessories for the computer and mobile devices has just come up with a new keyboard, perfect for those who like to work on the go (and party at the same time). The Flexible Wireless Keyboard is the perfect travel companion for your tablet or smartphone device. Using Bluetooth to connect to your devices, this keyboard is hassle-free to set up and is extremely durable.

The foldable keyboard is also water resistant, so if you like working with drinks on your desk, any accidental spillage won’t be the end of your keyboard. Sounds like the perfect keyboard to party with, or use as a HTPC input device, since the living room table is bound to get a bit messy at times. When not in use, you can easily roll up the keyboard for storage or portability.

The freeKEY flexible keyboard uses Bluetooth 2.0 and can work on Windos, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS – basically just about any device that supports Bluetooth input devices. A USB to micro USB charge cable is also included to keeping the keyboard juiced. The Scosche freeKEY is available now for $59.99.

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