It might still be a while before we can expect to see full self-driving cars hit the road, but if you’re the owner of a Tesla vehicle, you can get pretty close to that reality if you’re willing to pay for it. This is because Tesla has announced its new Full Self-Driving  subscription package which will give Tesla owners the chance to experience a self-driving car.

This will include features such as navigation while on Autopilot, auto lane change, automatic parking, summon, traffic light and stop sign control, and access to a full self-driving computer. So how much will all of this cost? According to Tesla, it will be priced at $199 a month, but if you have previously paid for Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot package, it will only cost $99.

Obviously $199 a month isn’t exactly cheap, but prior to this package, it would have cost $10,000 upfront, so it does make it a bit more “affordable”, although in the long-run it will most definitely cost more. However, it seems that there could be some hidden costs involved.

This is because the package will require owners to have version 3.0 of the FSD hardware and if you don’t have it already, upgrading to it will cost an extra $1,500, so on top of the $199 a month, you might have to fork out more money.

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