GameTanium set-topOver a month ago, we covered GameTanium, a service that allowed users with Android tablets and phones to rent games for a fixed monthly fee instead of forking out hard earned cash to play a new game each time. Well it looks like Extent (the company behind GameTanium) has plans to reach out to a wider audience – by bringing its services over to Android set-top boxes as well. The first set-top boxes to feature GameTanium will be made by Vestel, an European company.

And instead of just porting the service over to the big screen, GameTanium for set-top boxes will feature TV-optimized games and players will use their Android phones as controllers. That means they’ll be able to perform gestures etc on their phone’s touchscreens and see the resulting move on their TVs. This also means that users can take advantage of features such as the accelerometers on their phones (depending on the games).

GameTanium also plans to let users play their rented games on their phones in the event that they want to game while on the move instead of in front of the TV all the time. GameTanium for set-top boxes isn’t ready yet, but it’s being demonstrated publicly at the moment so it shouldn’t be too long until it is finally released.

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