Time Warner Cable announced they will be adding its TWC TV application to another platform this week, with many speculating it might possibly land on either the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. It looks like Time Warner Cable isn’t just thinking of expanding its service to other platforms, but also embracing another video streaming service onto its own set-top boxes.

Time Warner Cable’s soon-to-be CEO, Rob Marcus says his company is open to the possibility of adding Netflix to its set-top boxes. During an industry conference yesterday, Marcus said, “There is the other question of whether or not we ought to make some of these online services available on the set-top box. I think that’s an interesting concept, and we’re certainly open to it.”

Allowing their set-top boxes to run Netflix would certainly be something both Netflix and its consumers would probably want to happen. Netflix is available on nearly every kind of mobile device, gaming console and everything in between, but adopting set-top boxes would mean you wouldn’t have to buy any additional hardware to get Netflix in your home. Seeing how the majority of us who subscribe to a cable service have at least one set-top box in our home, allowing Netflix to run on it would certainly make it a heck of a lot more useful.

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