#CEATEC2018 – 4K is poised to become the standard resolution for the foreseeable future, and to a certain extent it is halfway there as we’re seeing more displays offer 4K resolution, and more devices that can capture 4K video. However in the future we could be looking at displays with even higher resolution, such as 8K, and it seems that Sharp is already ready to deliver.

The company has announced at CEATEC 2018 that they will be shipping their 8K TV out to customers next month, which means that if you’re in the market for an 8K TV, Sharp is one of the companies to look out for. Sharp isn’t the first company to launch an 8K display as we have seen 8K offerings from Samsung as well, but having variety definitely helps.

However Sharp’s offering does have an advantage as it comes with a built-in 8K tuner and if you live in Japan, you will actually be able to look out for shows broadcasted by NHK that will deliver the content in 8K resolution, although admittedly there isn’t much 8K content available right now but give it a few years and we’re sure that we’ll start seeing it become more common.

That being said, there is the argument of whether or not such high resolution is necessary, because at some point it starts becoming hard to tell the difference.

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