Sharp photocopier makes short work of bacteria with Plasma-cluster Ion technology

Some of us might be familiar with Sharp’s Plasma-cluster Ion technology which can be found in their range of refrigerators, humidifiers, and washing machines amongst others, which is touted to turn the air around that particular piece of consumer electronics sterile, which results in nasty bacteria dying so that one has cleaner and purer air to breathe. Good thing this patented technology has now arrived on their new range of […]

Sharp’s production of the new iPhone displays are reportedly falling behind schedule [Rumor]

According to a recent report from Reuters, it looks like maybe we should prepare ourselves for a possible iPhone shortage as it has been said that Sharp’s production of the iPhone’s display is behind schedule with low production yields. Of course this won’t affect all the iPhones since Sharp is one of the three suppliers reportedly behind the production, with Japan Display and LG Display supplying displays as well. It […]

Cocorobo vacuum cleaner is one cute looking home appliance

Robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely able to help you get the job done when it was first released, but those are not exactly the cutest things that you would find in any living room. The Cocorobo vacuum cleaner that you see here from Sharp is one that was specially destined to be appealing to everyone, where it is not only remote-controlled as all modern day appliances should be, it is […]

Sharp to cut 5,000 jobs in March next year

Sharp might be busy prepping up its display panels for the next generation iPhone and the purported iPad mini this month, but it looks like the Japanese electronics manufacturer is also planning to ax a huge chunk of its workforce following a disappointing quarter for the period that ended last June 30. Sharp is saying today that it is planning to cut approximately 5,000 jobs by the end of March […]


Sharp to begin shipping display panels for the next iPhone in August

When it comes to displays for the iPhone, companies such as Samsung, LG Display and Sharp have been listed as the manufacturers. Now we know that based on the rumors and speculation and the iPhone 4S’ release last year that we should be able to expect the next-gen iPhone later this year around the same time. While Apple has yet to officially announce the device, Sharp’s new president, Takashi Okuda […]

Apple To Shift Half of iPad Display Sourcing to Sharp. Samsung May Be Hit [Rumor]

In China, the word on the street is that Apple is moving 50% of its display sourcing to Japanese maker Sharp. This rumor (which is not new) is to be taken with the highest level of caution because it is based on the idea that Apple would update its 9.7″ iPad “this summer”, which seems very unlikely to start with. The rumor comes from Apple Daily, which is based in […]

Apple television display panels rumored to be making their way to Foxconn in Q3 2012

Given that Foxconn is Apple’s primary manufacturer for pretty much a good majority of their products, many are assuming that if the rumored Apple television does exist, there is a good chance that Foxconn will be behind it as well. This coupled with recent reports of Foxconn looking to invest in more shares in Sharp have fueled the speculation and rumors as well. Perhaps looking to corroborate those rumors, analyst […]

Sharp unveils gargantuan 90-inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV

Following the “Feel UX” new UI that Sharp announced today, the Japanese consumer electronics company is also announcing the availability of its behemoth 90-inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV. If you think that you’ve seen one of these around, then it’s probably the 80-inch Sharp AQUOS LC-80LE632U LED LCD TV that we wrote about last year. Apparently it looks like Sharp is ramping up the size of its TVs each year. […]

Foxconn reportedly looking to purchase more shares in Sharp, fuels Apple television rumors

Foxconn is Apple’s primary manufacturing partner, so if the rumored Apple TV (or iTV) were to be true, we guess we wouldn’t be surprised if Foxconn were to manufacture it as well. That being said, it seems that Foxconn is reportedly in talks and could be looking to purchase more shares in Sharp. This would be on top of the 10% stake they currently own which they bought earlier this […]

Sharp to introduce “Feel UX” to its Android based smartphones

One of the ways that manufacturers differentiate their Android phones from the competition would be through its features. Another way would be through its user interface (UI) such as the HTC Sense, the Samsung TouchWiz, Motorola Blur, etc. While some manufacturers try not to tweak the stock Android too much, others prefer giving it a complete overhaul and that is what Sharp is looking to do. The company announced today […]

Sharp proud of new IGZO panels

Sharp announced that their new oxide semiconductor (IGZO) technology that features high crystallinity is set for a worldwide debut, where this particular material is said to deliver even higher resolutions without sipping additional power – on the contrary, it will deliver higher visual quality while lowering power consumption, not to mention superior performance in touchscreen displays, in addition to narrower bezel widths for LCD display panels that tend to see […]

Sharp debuts Intel Medfield powered education tablet, will run on either Android or Windows 8

You know how Intel is currently pushing their Medfield chipset onto manufacturers in hopes that they will use them over the ARM design? At the moment Intel’s Medfield platform has made its way into several Android powered handsets, but what about tablets? That future might not be too far off as Sharp has debuted an education tablet prototype that runs on Intel’s Medfield platform which will apparently have no problems […]

Sharp Pantone 5 107SH comes with a built-in radiation sensor

We’re not sure how many people would actually need a phone with a radiation sensor built into it, but if you do, you might be interested to learn that in Japan, Sharp has announced the Pantone 5 107SH. Given the Fukushima tragedy that took place last year, we guess the residents in Japan can’t be blamed if they’re worried about potential radiation from the aftermath. No word on pricing just […]

Sharp and Foxconn Team Up for Next iPhone Display Plant in China

A report from Japan’s Nikkei business newspaper (via MacRumors) indicate that Foxconn and Sharp which previously entered into a partnership to further advance LCD technology; will be teaming up at a new plant in Chengdu, China to produce displays for the next-gen iPhone.