LG, Philips and Sharp have come together to deliver what could possibly be a solution to the problem of having too many platforms – we’re talking about a multi-platform Smart TV app. All three companies (a collaboration of Asia and Europe) have decided to embark on a journey together in order to define common technical requirements for their Smart TVs, which incidentally are based upon open standards including HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV.

The first step? Roll out the maiden beta version of a common Software Development Kit (SDK), where it will highlight the need to define the technical requirements which would enable content developers to develop a single application which will run on Smart TVs from all three companies.

This move will definitely make the application ecosystem far more efficient and productive, since the developer need not write three programs for three different manufacturers. It will help save all the time spent on porting and testing such applications on various platforms, and it might lead to a new killer app sometime, somewhere down the road. The beta version of the common SDK will roll out later sometime early next month. [Press Release]

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