[CEATEC 2011] We all know what a huge blow Japan received at the hands of the massive earthquake in March earlier this year, where it led to a tsunami as well as entire villages being wiped out in the process. Not only that, there was a very real danger of a nuclear fallout which was thankfully contained in time. Well, let’s just say since that happened, anti-nuclear sentiment has certainly built up in that part of the world, so it makes perfect sense for a mega power plant that relies on solar power (or other alternative green energy sources) being considered.

Sharp themselves are working on something like it – as you can tell by the massive array of solar panels there, and in the billboard above the sample solar panels, it seems that tracts of land are going to be covered by such solar panels to supply power to the nation without polluting the environment or run the risk of a nuclear meltdown in the event of a tsunami or earthquake.

I understand that production of solar panels are expensive and could prove harmful to the environment due to the materials used, but if such waste could be disposed off properly, or a new method is discovered, then the landscape of the world would certainly change. Here’s to Sharp’s success!

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