Samsung Invests $111.6 million Into Sharp

Interestingly despite both Samsung and Sharp being competitors in the form of supplying display panels, it looks like Samsung will be lending Sharp a helping hand in the form of a $111.6 million investment. It is not news that Sharp hasn’t been doing too well recently in terms of their financials, and according to previous reports companies such as Apple, Intel, Qualcomm and even Foxconn were interested in helping out […]

Sharp Reduces iPad Display Production By A Drastic Amount

Things do not seem to add up for Apple nicely at this point in time, where their stock price has taken quite a beating since the recent highs in the previous quarter. Well, here is more doom and gloom coming your way if you are an Apple fan; apparently Sharp Display has dramatically reduced their iPad display production of the 9.7-inch variety at its Kameyama plant in Japan to just […]

Apple and Sharp in talks over IGZO displays

There were rumors that Apple could be ditching Sharp due to the Japanese company’s inability to meet the demand in the production of display panels used for Apple’s iOS devices, but according to Digitimes that might not be the case as it seems that Apple is reportedly still in talks with Sharp over the possible incorporation of its IGZO display panels in future products. Assuming these talks are successful, Apple […]

Sharp unveils 6″ Digital Note tablet for Japan

With tablets slowly replacing the need for physical books, it is possible that one day tablets or similar devices could even replace the humble notepad which has been used in schools and businesses alike. Granted we can use our tablets to do note taking, but sometimes using a pen to jot down a quick note might actually prove faster than typing it out, especially on a virtual keyboard. Well the […]


Sharp Unveils 60-inch Ultra-HDTV

Sharp has just unveiled its best and most expensive television. Dubbed as the ICC Purios, the 6-inch Ultra HD television is expected to hit the Japanese market on the 20th of February next year. Sharp says that its 4K TV will cost Y2,625,000 or around $31,283, and that it will be sold on a made-to-order basis. Sony has yet to decide whether or not it will sell the 4K TV […]

Qualcomm reportedly invests $120 million into Sharp

For those who have been diligently following the news, you might have heard that Sharp could have run into some financial trouble, and according to the rumors, companies like Foxconn, Apple and Intel might be interested in investing in the company not only to keep it afloat, but for some of its technologies, such as IGZO which has been rumored in the past to be used by some of Apple’s […]

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W Gets Detailed

We first caught wind of the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W when it was reviewed earlier this month by a Russian site. We also mentioned that the device will be released in Russia first before launching to other markets. True enough, Sharp’s first ever phone with a 1920 x 1080 display is now making its way to Hong Kong and it will most probably be available there next month. Sharp Hong […]

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W Reviewed By Russian Site

The HTC Droid DNA and HTC J Butterfly are not the only devices in the market to carry a 5-inch, 1080p display, as Sharp themselves, who supplied HTC with these delightful screens, have come up with their very own Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W which was reviewed by the Russian site Mobile Review. Apart from the 5” display with unprecedented pixel density for smartphones, it will come with the Android 4.1 […]

Apple and Intel reportedly interested in investing in Sharp to keep the company afloat

It was reported a while back that Foxconn would increase their investment in Sharp, but it looks like despite Sharp’s public assurances that there will be cuts in cost and the ability to secure credit to keep themselves afloat, there still remains some doubt as to whether the company will be able to do that, a doubt that was acknowledged by the company themselves. That being said, it has also […]

Sharp Aquos Pad is the SHT21

All right, your eyes might go a little bit bonkers there, but what we are trying to do is draw your attention to the Sharp Aquos Pad SHT21. It carries the new IGZO LCD technology from Sharp, and according to Japanese carrier KDDI, the Sharp Aquos Pad SHT21 is tipped to debut this coming middle of December, where the 7” tablet is touted to come with more than double the […]

Sharp motheye technology fights glare

[CEATEC 2012] When choosing to buy a display, one of the factors consumers have to decide is whether they want a screen with higher contrast and lower glare or vice versa. Well, it looks like Sharp has got a solution to the problem with its new glass panel technology called motheye. As the name implies, it was inspired by a moth’s eye – which is said to have properties that […]

Sharp 6.1-inch IGZO display has 498ppi, WQXGA resolution

[CEATEC 2012] All right, Sharp is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to the resolution count on tiny displays where smartphones and other portable devices are concerned. I am referring to this 6.1″ IGZO display that will carry a phenomenal 498ppi, definitely a pixel density count that is far higher than any other which we have seen in the past and on current devices, making us wonder if someone […]

Sharp 5-inch Igzo Full HD LCD panel

[CEATEC 2012] Earlier this morning, we talked about Sharp cranking up production of the 5” Full HD LCD panel that will most probably see action in portable devices like smartphones, phablets and perhaps even portable media players. Well, we are at CEATEC’s showfloor and managed to capture some shots of this tiny wonder, where the crux of the matter is not so much the pixel density of the 5” LCD […]

Sharp cranks production of 5-inch Full HD LCD panels for smartphones

When we talk about Full HD displays (1920 x 1080 resolution), most of the time it would concern projectors, flat screen TVs as well as computer monitors. Very rarely would one think about a smartphone display, but it seems that this might be the norm soon if Sharp has their way. The Japanese company has started to produce 5” Full HD LCD panels that will target the smartphone market, boasting […]