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Sky Is Sole UK Provider For Game Of Thrones Until 2020
Whenever someone happens to be a sole provider or owns exclusive rights to something, you know for sure that such a company or party would have rather extensive clout in the marketplace, and would more often than not be rolling in plenty of money. I guess you can more or less say that Sky has netted a coup after expanding their partnership with HBO. This means that shows such as […]

Sky First To Broadcast Live 4K Video In The UK
Sky has added yet another feather to their proverbial hat by virtue of being the first company to broadcast live 4K video to folks who live in the UK. It was as recently as October last year when Sky first experimented with Ultra HD, that is, 4k, but it was also during that corresponding time last year when Sky owned just a pair of handheld Ultra HD cameras, placing their […]

Ads Use Bone Conduction To Communicate With Train Commuters Leaning On The Glass
While some advertisements can be entertaining and funny, some can be just noise and annoying, and the last thing you might want to hear on a train commute home is an ad blasting in your ears. Well it looks like even your train ride home may no longer be peaceful because Sky Deutschland’s ad agency has been showing off a way in which ads can be channeled into the skulls […]

Sky’s NOW TV debuts on Xbox
Well, what do we have here? Sky’s NOW TV has just debuted on the Xbox platform, offering instant access movies to the current generation game console from Microsoft, and this comes after it was introduced across different platforms such as the PC, Mac, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as selected Android smartphones in addition to YouView. Just what does NOW TV place on the table that […]


Sky+HD EPG to hit the market this year
Sky+ is a TV broadcaster on the other side of the pond, and their user interface had pretty much remained the same for quite some time already. Well, it seems that they are now working on delivering a brand new look in order to usher in the Olympic Games for this year. Just what does this new guide offer? For starters, to keep up with the times, you can rest […]

Aakash: world's cheapest Android tablet launches in India
Just when we thought tablets couldn’t get any cheaper than the $99 HP TouchPad, it looks like we’re proven wrong. Today, the Indian government has started offering slightly subsidized Android tablets for $35 apiece. Designed to bring students and the general public up to date with technology, especially the internet, the Aakash tablet (which means Sky) took over four years to develop. The creators of the tablet, DataWind and IIT […]

Londoners benefit from 15 minutes of free Cloud Wi-Fi
Do you happen to live in the bustling city of London? Well, for those who want to leech off free Wi-Fi connections can always look forward to The Cloud’s Wi-Fi service that offers a 15 minutes per day free scheme from next month onwards. No idea on whether The Cloud has plans for its gratis-browsing experience, or whether Sky (who purchased The Cloud for a whopping £50 million by the […]

Sky HD Boxes Get The World Cup Fever
Sky is gearing up to fan your World Cup dreams by releasing three limited edition 1TB HD set top boxes. Designed by fashion guru Wayne Hemingway, renowned Illustrator Gerald Scarfe, actor and part-time Blur member Phil Daniels, these boxes are designed to reflect their love of football and what the World Cup means to them. These boxes will be going for £249 ($367) at the end of the month and […]

Sky Launches The Pantech Pandora Slim Luxury Phone In Korea
Sky is now offering the Pandora from Pantech, which will probably be suited to folks who are looking for a stylish luxury phone in Korea. The phone itself is very thin, measuring in at just 9.1mm thick. It also offers a rather unique touchpad at the top of the touchscreen, allowing you to use a Drag & Drop function on your phone. Aside from that, the Pandora also features the […]

Pantech IMA600S Sirius Snapdragon Phone From Sky
SKY has come up with an Android-powered phone to help Google’s Android OS make more waves over in Korea, the Pantech IM-A600S Sirius, and it should be an interesting phone, considering that it’s powered by Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon processor. That being said, do bear in mind that the best hardware in the world would still make a terrible phone is the software isn’t good, and hopefully Google’s OS hasn’t been […]