sky-hbo-2020Whenever someone happens to be a sole provider or owns exclusive rights to something, you know for sure that such a company or party would have rather extensive clout in the marketplace, and would more often than not be rolling in plenty of money. I guess you can more or less say that Sky has netted a coup after expanding their partnership with HBO. This means that shows such as ‘Game of Thrones’ alongside other HBO shows will be offered by Sky in the UK – and Sky alone, at least until the year 2020 rolls around.

Apparently, Sky has just extended their potentially lucrative exclusive deal with HBO, which means that they would enjoy first-run rights to shows such as Game of Thrones, True Blood and Girls – at least until the year 2020. Apart from that, this particular announcement would also bolster the co-production agreement signed simultaneously, which means the audience over in the UK will be able to expect additional co-funded dramas including Strike Back to make an appearance on your screens sometime down the road. Sky does seem as though they are on a roll at the moment, as they also happen to control the UK’s biggest connected TV platform with a whopping 4.4 million on-demand customers. [Press Release]

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