While some advertisements can be entertaining and funny, some can be just noise and annoying, and the last thing you might want to hear on a train commute home is an ad blasting in your ears. Well it looks like even your train ride home may no longer be peaceful because Sky Deutschland’s ad agency has been showing off a way in which ads can be channeled into the skulls of tired commuters simply by using bone conduction. The project dubbed Talking Window basically relies on train commuters resting their heads against the glass in the train, from which an ad will then be pushed directly into their brain through bone conduction. It’s pretty clever we have to admit, not to mention that each ad can only be heard by the person resting against the window, thus keeping out unnecessary noise pollution. On the other hand it does sound like it could be quite a nasty surprise, especially for commuters who aren’t aware of this and who are simply looking to get some shut-eye on the ride home. In any case you can check the Talking Window out in the video above, but what do you guys think? Extremely clever advertising or potentially annoying?

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