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Sony Could Reveal Xperia S60 And Xperia S70 Soon
When it comes to having a flagship device, most companies would need to have an icon to represent them, as it shows the pinnacle of the company’s technological and design achievements whenever possible. Having said that, Sony’s Xperia Z range of handsets have been pretty impressive to date, but here we are with whispers of the possibility of Sony actually rolling out not one, but two high-end smartphones that run […]

Audience Charges Smartphone On Broadway Set
Just how desperate are you to ensure that your smartphone remains nice and juiced up? While some folks would carry around a power bank to get the job done, others might have forgotten about that particular detail. For instance, the video above caught an audience member who actually climbed up onto a Broadway set in order to juice up his handset – right before the opening curtain.

UMI ZERO 2 Smartphone To Feature Dual Displays
Have you heard of the Chinese handset manufacturer UMI before? Neither have we, but it does look as though their latest device would be a smartphone that is worth checking out. After all, ever since the flip phone era ended, it is rather rare to see devices that come with two displays – the YotaPhone 2 notwithstanding, of course. UMI’s upcoming smartphone would be the new ZERO 2 device that […]

Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 Is Uber Thin
There is a race for the thinnest, fastest, strongest, most beautiful – you name it, you can more or less find it at one point or another in our human psyche. Where smartphones are concerned, thinnest or slimmest seem to be a standard that several companies have already aspired to, and Micromax is no different. In fact, they have jumped aboard the bandwagon by unveiling the Micromax Canvas Sliver 5, […]


Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G Smartphone Has An Iris Scanner
Japan is a fairly advanced country, and one of the things that impress many people (tourists here) would be the toilets – they are chock full with technology, you would find it rather hard pressed to get used to a regular toilet when you return home. Apart from that, Japan too, is a region where there are different kinds of smartphones available that cannot be found elsewhere, and the latest […]

Huawei P8 Lite Review
Already available in Europe, the sleek and affordable Huawei P8 lite was announced in London on April 15, 2015 alongside its high-end sibling the Huawei P8. The P8 lite has now been officially introduced in the US market and we had the opportunity to get our hands on it early on, during a private briefing with Zhiqiang Xu, President, Huawei Device USA and Haito Cui, Executive Vice President Huawei Device […]

ZTE Star 3 Could Be First 4K Display Smartphone In The World
There is a new rumor going around that ZTE might create history soon – with the launch of the upcoming ZTE Star 3, where this particular handset has been touted to be the world’s first smartphone to sport a 4K display, now how about that? Surely the accompanying hardware specifications would also be pretty awe inducing, if you will.

Doogee S6000 Could Arrive With 6000mAh Battery
Less than a week ago, we did bring you word on the Gionee Marathon M4 smartphone that will pack a massive 5,000mAh power, thanks to a pair of batteries within that deliver superior usage time. Would there be room for a new generation smartphone that comes with a large capacity battery? Apparently so, as evident by the new Doogee S6000 that is set to ship later this August, where it […]

Gresso Regal Gold Oozes With Luxury
When it comes to luxury smartphones, you know for sure that there aren’t too many models out there, although there is a very good reason for that – how many people do you know are actually able to fork out insane amounts of money on a smartphone, which apart from the jewels that are encrusted on the outer chassis, will see the innards end up obsolete not too long after […]

New Motorola Phone To Feature MicroSD Slot And Front-Facing LED Flash?
Earlier in the day, we did hear on how the Motorola DROID Turbo is set to be upgraded right away to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Well, here are more whispers that will concern an upcoming high end smartphone from Motorola – it seems that word is going around that this upcoming handset (and potentially, others to follow as well) will feature support for microSD memory cards in addition to front-facing LED […]

BLU Selfie Sports 13MP Cameras
When you have a smartphone that comes with the name BLU Selfie, you can be assured that this is not a device that will sport poor quality cameras – and thankfully, the BLU Selfie, despite not being made by one of the more notable smartphone manufacturers in the market, did not decide to skimp on quality, which is why this particular handset will come with not just one, but two […]

Chess Grandmaster Uses Smartphone To Check A Move In Toilet, Expelled From Tournament
Honor is something that everyone should strive for – regardless of which field that one is involved it, be it sports or an exam. Cheating is a no-no, but the fallen nature of mankind has seen this trait surface time and again. One of the latest incidents involved a chess grandmaster who took a toilet break, but in the toilet stall, he made use of a smartphone in order to […]