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Nokia Snake Programmer To Release iOS, Android, Windows Phone Version
We’re not sure how many of you guys might remember, but back in the day of the feature phone, Nokia’s handsets came with the Snake game. Now Nokia themselves did not come up with the idea of Snake, but at that time it was hugely popular thanks to the fact that you could play it on mobile devices.Over the years we’ve seen copies created for modern day smartphones but they […]

Classic game of Snake played using recorders
Snake Charmer from Kitchen Budapest on Vimeo.

Snake '97 for the Lumia
For old school Nokia fans, can you remember the game Snake? That was the Angry Birds of the day, and you could say the mobile gaming scene started off back then in 1997. While there is no way to play multiplayer Snake in the beginning, it is still a fun game to have a go as you jostle with your mates for top position when it comes to snagging the […]

Play Snake on Nokia's blog
While most of us don’t have our very first Nokia phones anymore, I’m pretty sure most of you can remember one of the most addictive games available on the phone: Snake. While we’re hard-pressed to find an alternative that plays as well as the original game, it looks like Nokia has saved us the trouble by putting it up on its blog. Featuring slightly different mechanics (the points vary according […]


No Snake homecoming
Sorry guys and girls – if you were one of those who were extremely excited by yesterday’s news that a playable version of Snake which appeared over at MSN’s homepage might actually be a precursor of things to come – a relaunch of the game Snake in particular, in new Windows Phone-powered handsets from Nokia, then you will be sorely disappointed as Nokia came up with an official statement to […]

Nokia Snake makes a comeback
Remember Snake, the classic game that was found on pretty much every Nokia phone back in the day? Well, it looks like the game has been given a new breath of life – for a short while at least. The Nokia Lumia 800 launched in the UK today, and to celebrate, Microsoft has updated its MSN UK website with fancy Windows Phone colors, and a Flash game of Snake. The […]

Remote controlled snake can't poison you
If you know someone who’s afraid of snakes and you’ve been planning to give him/her a scare to remember, National Geographic’s Remote Controlled Snake could be right up your alley. While it may be a bit too late for an April fool’s prank by the time you read this post, you could always use it on another day – who says that practical jokes can only be played one day […]

Robot snake is one enemy not to be trifled with
Trust the military to come up with high tech weapons that brings the world to its knees – this newest robotic snake from Israel already looks menacing on its own, and should you decide to throw caution to the wind and blow it up, do beware that it will just split into slightly smaller robotic snakes. After all, individual segments of this robotic snake will be self-contained, complete with a […]