We’re not sure how many of you guys might remember, but back in the day of the feature phone, Nokia’s handsets came with the Snake game. Now Nokia themselves did not come up with the idea of Snake, but at that time it was hugely popular thanks to the fact that you could play it on mobile devices.

Over the years we’ve seen copies created for modern day smartphones but they just didn’t quite feel the same. The good news is that if you loved the game, you might be interested to learn that the game’s programmer for Nokia devices, Taneli Armando, will be recreating it for smartphones and giving it a much needed update.

Dubbed Snake Rewind, this is basically the original version found on Nokia handsets except with updated graphics and more features, such as power ups and the ability to rewind your Snake in the event you die, which some might consider to be “cheating”. The game will feature 10 levels, each with their own look and feel and accompanying music.

They can be unlocked either by completing missions or purchasing them via in-app purchases. The game has been pegged for a launch on the 14th of May so if you’d like to learn more, check out the video above or hit up its website for the details.

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