Snake Charmer from Kitchen Budapest on Vimeo.

We’re sure that many of you guys probably remember the Snake game that made its appearance as a BASIC game, and then further popularized by Nokia phones such as the 3210 and 3310. For those unfamiliar with the classic, it basically involves a “snake” that goes around a screen eating up dots. The more dots it eats, the longer it gets and ultimately players must manage a super long snake in restricted space while trying to rack up as many points as possible. Many nights have been lost trying to beat the high scores of friends in the process.

In any case Laszlo and his friend have come up with a mod for the game that they have dubbed the Snake Charmer. Basically what it does is that it takes the classic game of Snake, load it up on the Nokia 6110 and it basically uses the sound coming from recorders to help direct the snake around the screen. This is achieved with the pitches being detected by a Max/MSP program with the commands being pushed to the Arduino via USB. Granted it’s a bit of an overkill for such an old game, but if you’ve ever fantasized about what it might be like to be a snake charmer, this is probably one of the ways to experience it. In the mean time check out the video above for a demonstration.

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