This Guy Hacked His Roomba To Swear When It Bumps Into Objects

How many of us have sworn and cursed really loudly whenever we stub our toe against some furniture, or trip over a cable? Many, we’re guessing. Thankfully, robots such as the Roomba don’t swear when it runs into furniture. Instead, it takes what it learns and tries not to let it happen again, a good philosophy we should all strive to adopt.

U.S. Air Force Successfully Tests Laser System That Shoots Down Missiles

It’s no secret that the U.S. military has been looking into laser technology as it continues to advance its arsenal of weapons. The United States Air Force has now announced that it has conducted a successful test of a laser weapons system which is capable of shooting down multiple missiles in flight. This system has been designed to eventually be mounted on aircraft so that it can be used to […]

Microsoft Expands Phone Screen Mirroring Functionality To More Devices

Microsoft started testing phone screen mirroring between Windows 10 and Android devices earlier this year. This functionality enables users to basically run their Android apps on their PC through a connected smartphone. It was only available for limited devices initially and the company is now expanding support for this functionality to additional devices.

United Airlines Will Cover Up Seatback Cameras

You can imagine the uproar caused when it was discovered that the in-flight entertainment systems on some new United airplanes have built-in cameras. This obviously led to privacy concerns and criticism since many passengers didn’t even know that the seatback systems had cameras in the first place. United has now started physically covering up these cameras.


It Could Soon Be Illegal For Gas Cars To Park At EV Charging Stations

Given that EV charging stations aren’t quite as ubiquitous as gas stations at the moment (they are slowly getting there), it means that it isn’t quite as convenient or simple for EV car owners to recharge their cars. To make things worse, there have been reported instances of how some gas car owners who park their cars at EV charging stations.

London Marathon Will Replace Wasteful Plastic Bottles With Seaweed Pouches

If you’ve ever been in a marathon or seen one, you might be familiar with how throughout points during the marathon, runners will be handed bottles of water to drink and rehydrate themselves. Unfortunately, these bottles are a huge environmental waste since they take hundreds of years before they actually break down.

Move Over Graphene, Borophene Is Now The New ‘In’ Thing

For years, many had hailed graphene as the new wonder material that everyone was excited to work with. One of the reasons is because unlike other materials, graphene is light and strong where we have seen some applications like a bulletproof suit. We’ve also seen it discussed as a potential replacement to lithium batteries.

Watch This Chimpanzee Browse Instagram On An iPhone Like A Normal Person

Tech and animals don’t always go so well together, namely due to the fact that tech has been designed for humans and animals don’t usually understand the purpose of them. However, recently in a video shared on Instagram by Mike Holston (@therealtarzann), it shows a chimpanzee browsing Instagram on an iPhone like a normal person.

Google Wants To Make It Easier For You To Work From Home

In this day and age where we are all increasingly connected, the world has definitely gotten a lot “smaller”. Working remotely and becoming a digital nomad has become a lot more common, and if you are thinking about adopting that lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google is now making it easier for you to work from home.

Tesla Shows Off A Car Without A Steering Wheel

At the moment, Tesla is pretty much the only car company that has cars that you can buy that kind of have self-driving capabilities, thanks to the Autopilot feature found in the company’s cars. It seems that Tesla is really pushing the tech because more recently, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed their plans to launch cars without a steering wheel within the next 2 years.

Alleged iPhone 11 Molds Show Off Triple Camera Setup

One of the rumored features of Apple’s 2019 iPhones is that they are expected to see an improvement on the camera front. By that we mean that there have been reports claiming that Apple could be adding a third camera to the rear camera setup, and now thanks to new photos, it seems to be lending credence to the rumors.

Apple Begrudgingly Admits Qualcomm’s Tech Is ‘The Best’

For a while, it looked as though Apple’s legal spat with Qualcomm could be dragged on for years on end, similar to Apple’s legal battle against Samsung. However, to everyone’s surprise, Apple and Qualcomm settled their dispute where it was reported that Qualcomm will actually supply Apple with 5G modems for its 2020 iPhones.

Google Will Soon Block Logins From Embedded Browsers

Apps on our mobile devices like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and so on come with their own built-in browsers. The idea is that this will help keep users using their app even when they have clicked a link. However, the problem with embedded browsers is that they can be exploited and used with man-in-the-middle attacks.

Samsung Officially Responds To Galaxy Fold Screen Issues

According to a recent report, it was revealed that Samsung had sent out early review units of the Galaxy Fold to popular publications and YouTubers. Unfortunately, the displays on those units sent out started to run into problems where they failed pretty early on in their reviews. Samsung has since issued a statement addressing some of those problems.