Hackers Could Steal Your Password By Hearing How You Type

Your password can be stolen in a variety of ways. The most common way is by using a very easy-to-guess password in which hackers won’t even need to try too hard to break into your account. Other more complex ways involve phishing, where hackers create a website that mimics the website of a service you use and once you enter your credentials, that information is stolen.

These Are The iPhones That Are Compatible With iOS 13

If there is something that Apple gets right, it would be with their software updates. This is because the company tends to support its devices for as long as possible, versus Android in which your mileage may vary from brand to brand, but typically you get about two years worth of updates.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Cost $50,000 Fully Specced Out

Apple recently took the wraps off their new Mac Pro and as we said, it does not come cheap where it has a base price of $5,999. This means that should a user customize it with higher-end hardware, things could get pricey, but how pricey? Apple has yet to put the computer up for sale which means that we’re not sure how much the other configurations could cost, but The […]

YouTuber Gets 15-Month Jail Sentence For Toothpaste-Stuffed Oreos ‘Prank’

Over the past few years, there seems to have been a rise in people doing mean things to other people, recording it, and uploading it to YouTube under the guise of “pranks”. This is what YouTuber, Kanghua Ren also known as ReSet, did a couple of years ago when he published a video to his channel where he filled Oreo cookies with toothpaste and paid a homeless man €20 to […]


Man Goes On A 9-Hour Acid Trip After Touching An LSD-Covered Knob Of A Synth He Was Restoring

It is said that despite all the dirty business we do in our toilets, our keyboards are actually much filthier. This is because our hands touch all kinds of things before touching our keyboards, and you know what, the same could potentially be said for music equipment as well, although, in the case of Eliot Curtis, it played out a little differently.

Sony ‘Desperately’ Wants Tom Hardy’s Venom In Spider-Man 3

Spider-man: Far From Home has yet to be released, but it seems that the rumors about the third movie have started to make their rounds. According to a series of tweets by an alleged Marvel insider calling themselves Roger Wardell, the third installment in Marvel’s Spider-Man movies could see Tom Hardy’s Venom character introduced.

Google Maps Speed Camera Alerts Are Rolling Out To More Countries

We should definitely be obeying the laws of the road all the time, but sometimes, we get it, it can’t be helped where an open road with no cars makes it very tempting to put pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, speed cameras are the bane of many a fast driver out there, but Google Maps has tried to solve this problem with speed camera alerts.

Huawei P30 Pro Prices Are Crashing Following Trade Ban

Following the US government adding Huawei to the Entity List, which essentially prevents the company from doing business with US companies and vice versa, it’s safe to say that this has put Huawei in a very difficult position. This is because a lot of the tech that Huawei uses does come from US companies, such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, and so on.

Hermeus To Develop Hypersonic Jet That Flies From New York To London In 90 Minutes

Visiting new countries can be fun, but what’s not so fun is the process of traveling. This is because unless you can afford to fly business or first class, or a private jet, chances are most of us will fly in economy and long journeys are basically hell. However, a company by the name of Hermeus is hoping to help cut your travel time significantly.

China’s New Maglev Train Has 373 Mph Top Speed

China has been doing some incredible things with maglev technology and the country’s leading manufacturer of trains has now unveiled a new prototype maglev train which will be able to hit an astonishing top speed of 373 miles per hour. That’s just over 600 kilometers per hour. The train will be developed by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. It will be tested for a couple of years before […]

Best Buy Has Cancelled All Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Following the issues in early review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company decided to recall the review units and also promised that they would be making changes to improve on the durability of the handset. Unfortunately, Samsung did not state when the improved models will be released, but it seems that it might not be anytime soon.

16-inch MacBook Pro With Possible Edge-To-Edge OLED Display In The Works

Apple’s MacBook laptops have for years been using LCDs for its screen of choice. However, Apple could be making a huge shift in display tech for its laptops because in a report from Korean publication, The Elec, they claim that Apple has a new MacBook Pro laptop in the works that could use an OLED display.

2019 iPhone Models Revealed And Confirmed In Eurasian Database

We know that Apple plans to release new iPhones this year. If the rumors are to be believed, this will include the iPhone 11, the 11 Plus, and the XR 2. Note that these names aren’t final as it is unclear how Apple plans on moving forwards with its naming scheme, but regardless, those models are the successors to the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the XR from 2018.

Restaurant Is Offering Huawei Customers Discount Following US Ban

As many of you might be already aware, Huawei s facing huge disruptions to its business after the US government blacklisted them from doing business with US companies. This is not only a huge deal for Huawei, but also for Huawei customers who could potentially be left with an obsolete device a lot earlier than they would like.