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Newly Leaked Photos Shows A Working AirPower Charging Mat
As some of you might recall, back in early 2019, Apple announced that they would be cancelling their AirPower wireless charging mat. This was hot on the heels of various reports in which it claimed that Apple had run into some technical hurdles with the device and could not solve it in time.

Apple’s Next-Gen iMac Could Come With Support For Face ID
Apple’s Mac computers have gotten a rather bad rep over the years for sporting rather poor quality front-facing cameras, but that could change. According to a tweet by @blue_kanikama, it seems that Apple could be making some upgrades to the webcam on the upcoming iMac which could also come with support for Face ID.

Corsair One a100 Compact Gaming PC Announced
When you think of Corsair, you might associate the brand as being more of an accessory or peripheral maker of keyboards, headsets, or computer cases, but if you’re after a compact gaming PC, then Corsair could actually be a brand worth considering, especially as the company has since taken the wraps off the Corsair One a100 compact gaming PC.

Apple Will Start Accepting In-Store Trade-Ins For Mac Computers
Last week, it was reported that starting this week, Mac users who are looking to trade in theri Mac computers would be able to do so in-store and in-person. For those who have a Mac they’d like to trade in, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple’s physical stores will now be accepting trade-ins.


Potential Price Of The Sony PS5 Revealed On Amazon Listing
With Sony officially unveiling the PS5, there is still the question of pricing. Sony had previously hinted that it will not be cheap, but how much more expensive will it be compared to the PS4? That’s really anyone’s guess for now, but it seems that we now have an idea of how much the console could cost.

Philips Launches New Hue Smart Lighting Products
A report from a couple of weeks ago suggested that Philips could be working on new Hue bulbs that could be brighter than its predecessors. If you’ve always felt that smart lighting solutions like the Hue bulbs were a bit too dim compared to regular bulbs, then you might be interested to learn about the company’s latest offerings.

Hackers Have Found A Way To Spy On Conversations Using A Light Bulb
In the past, we have heard of various attempts to spy on users through all kinds of methods, such as hijacking your computer’s webcam/microphone, smart speakers, and so on. However, it seems that hackers might have discovered a potentially new way to spy on people using nothing more than an ordinary light bulb.

iPhone 12 Could Face Potential Delays As Major Supplier Fails OLED Quality Tests
For the most part, Samsung supplies quite a lot of OLED panels to Apple for use in their iPhones. However, to reduce their reliance on Samsung, Apple is said to be working with other suppliers, such as BOE who has in the past delivered LCDs to the Cupertino company for a variety of Apple-related products.

12-inch ARM MacBook Could See Apple Bring Back The Butterfly Keyboard
The rumors are claiming that at WWDC 2020, Apple will be unveiling their new ARM chipsets that would be used in future computers. There was also a recent rumor claiming that the first ARM-based Mac computer from Apple could be the 12-inch MacBook laptop that was discontinued a while ago.

Alleged iPhone 12 Molds Leaked, Shows Off ‘Pro’ Like Design
According to the rumors, this year’s iPhones are expected to undergo a somewhat significant redesign. They are expected to feature a design with flat edges along the sides of the phone, a throwback to devices like the iPhone 4/4S/5/5s, as well as the iPad Pro. Now thanks to recently leaked photos of the molds, it looks like it could be true.

Weird URL Bug Lets Users Skip YouTube Ads And Paywalls
Don’t like watching YouTube ads at the start or in between videos? It seems that thanks to a bug, you’ll actually be able to skip ads entirely. All users have to do is add an extra period at the middle of the video’s URL and it will skip the ads. It also seems to work with websites that have paywalls.

Ads Are Appearing In Samsung’s OneUI And People Aren’t Happy
We get that ads are necessary. They help free services and websites (like ours) generate revenue, but what if you were to pay for a service or a product? Would you expect to see ads there? Chances are you wouldn’t, which is why it is completely understandable that many Samsung users are upset.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera Is Now Available For Free On iOS And Android
Back in November last year, Adobe announced that they were developing a new app called Photoshop Camera. For those who might have missed the announcement, basically this is a camera app that comes with a variety of lenses and filters that allows users to take all kinds of funky and interesting photos.

Oppo Will Start To Aggressively Develop Their Own Processors
Right now, the majority of smartphones still largely rely on Qualcomm for their chipsets. There are a handful of companies that have attempted to make their own chipsets, like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, just to name a few, and now it looks like Oppo will start aggressively pursuing that strategy as well.