The Oura Ring is a small and elegant wearable electronic device, and the current generation, the Oura Ring Gen3 got a feature update that brings blood oxygen reading (SpO2) to existing users.

The company says that the reading is split into two metrics: “Average Blood Oxygen and your Breathing Regularity while you sleep,” which would help track your sleep health.

Typically, the SpO2 score is around 95%-100%, but lower levels might be something that users can share with their doctors for further analysis. Low levels of oxygens might be linked to heart or lung diseases.

Remember that consumer wearable devices are not medical-grade and should not be used for diagnosis. All brands remind their customers that while much progress has been made, the medical-grade technology isn’t ready to be implemented in such a small footprint at consumer-friendly prices.

The Oura Ring Gen3’s sleep and heart rate monitoring are interesting to those who want to track their wellness and general health patterns casually. Monitoring one’s sleep quality might lead to actionable items such as reducing noise or light from the bedroom.

At $299, it’s not cheap, but it’s a good alternative for people who don’t like wearing a smartwatch/smart band. It comes in four colors (silver/black/stealth/gold), but I think they should add a “Titanium” model.

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