Smappee is an energy management solution that comprises a box and a mobile application to monitor all the appliances and heat system in the home.

According to Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder, Samppee can help homeowners save up to 12% on their energy bills. He explained that his solution is efficient for saving energy due to the user centric approach and the real-time feedback provided by the mobile app.

Smappee launched in November 2013 in Belgium and the Netherlands as a test market and (June 2014) made it to France, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Today the company launched its system in the United States.

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The intelligent algorithm allows users to see their energy consumption on a granular level: the application displays the information in real time and for each appliance. In addition it calculates how much money each electrical device cost per day, per week, per month and per year. The user experience integrates some gamification, in the form of rewards and awards.

Smappee also allows users to control their appliances via for compatible devices with the service, for instance IFTTT works with Nest. For example, you can trigger your alarm when the coffee machine starts making an espresso. It is also possible to program such actions for devices that are included in Apple Homekit or compatible with OpenRemote


The installation should be a quite easy process and would take 15 minutes, however, the company recommends its customers to use the assistance of trained professionals who just need to place the Smappee box in the electrical cabinet on the wire that comes from the energy meter before it splits up.  In addition to energy consumption, Smappee can monitor solar panels productivity.

Smappe is available too purchase for $249 and $349 for the solar panel option on Smappe website, and shortly via other retail outlets.

Smappee received the Henry van de Velde Label 2014 for the great design of the product and app.  It was also awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Rising Star 2014 in Belgium.


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