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Solar Impulse 2 Completes Journey Across The U.S.
Solar Impulse 2, a light aircraft powered by nothing but solar energy, has completed the latest leg of its trip. It landed at New York’s JFK airport early in the morning, completing the five-hour flight from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. It was only a few months ago in April that Solar Impulse 2 finally completed its flight across the Pacific, the pilot Bertrand Piccard flew nearly 2,800 miles between Hawaii and […]

Solar Impulse 2’s Flight Across The Pacific Comes To An End
As the name suggests, Solar Impulse 2 is an aircraft that’s powered by solar energy. Obviously, it’s going to take a long time before commercial flight powered entirely by solar power is possible but this is a good initiative to show that it’s possible. Following multiple delays, Solar Impulse 2 has finally completed its flight across the Pacific, with pilot Bertrand Piccard flying 2,717 miles between Hawaii and San Francisco.

Solar Impulse Not Going Anywhere Until Next Year
We first heard about Solar Impulse a few years back when this project was still under development, the idea was to create a solar powered airplane that could undertake a round-the-world-trip. Fast forward to 2015 and Solar Impulse 2 has flown several missions around the world also setting some records on the way, it recently completed a non-stop flight from Japan to Hawaii only on solar energy. Unfortunately the airplane’s batteries were […]

Solar Impulse 2 Grounded Due To Battery Damage
The solar powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has been grounded following its record-breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii last week in which the aircraft flew non-stop for 117 hours and 52 minutes on nothing but solar energy. During this leg of the around-the-world journey that this aircraft is on its batteries suffered major damage which is why Solar Impulse 2 has been grounded for a few weeks as the necessary repairs […]


Solar Impulse’s Record Breaking Solar Powered Flight Lands In Hawaii
We’ve been following Solar Impulse since 2010 when the HB-SIA solar powered plane was being put through various tests to ensure that it could survive an “around the world” trip of sorts only on solar power. In 2011 the plane took off for its first international flight from Switzerland to Belgium and became the start of an epic journey that spans continents. Its record breaking solar flight from Japan to Hawaii landed […]

Solar Impulse Set To Head East Again
At the end of last month, we did bring you word that the Solar Impulse aircraft has landed in China, and this fuel-free aeroplane has rested long enough, that it has already taken off from Chongqing in western-central China – making its way to Nanjing that is located in the east. Right now, it happens to be in the sixth stage, as part of the bid to fly around the […]

Solar Impulse Touches Down In China
Will the fuel-free Solar Impulse change air travel in the future? Perhaps to a certain extent, but to see a jet airliner run on solar power alone while carrying a few hundred people is still impossible – at least for the moment. Still, we have word that the Solar Impulse has just completed the fifth leg of its flight that is set to bring it around the whole world, and […]

Solar Impulse To Make Its Way Across America This May 3rd
We have read a whole lot about Solar Impulse, the solar powered airplane from Switzerland, in the past, where it certainly had its fair share of adventures across the pond. Well, this coming May 3rd (which is tomorrow, by the way), Solar Impulse will take off from the city by the bay, San Francisco with Bertrand Piccard in the single seater cockpit, in an attempt to complete the first leg […]

Solar Impulse Plans To Fly Around The World
Solar Impulse, the famous solar-powered airplane, is getting ready for its next ambitious mission. After proving to the world, against all odds, that the 100 percent solar-powered aircraft can fly during the day and night without fuel for more than 24 hours, the next challenge is to fly around the world. The Solar Impulse is not the first solar airplane, however, it is the first solar plane to fly at […]

Solar Impulse plane arrives back home
4,000 miles later, the odyssey of solar-powered Solar Impulse is finally over as it returned home to where the adventure began – right in neutral Switzerland. This is an epic journey for the record, where it is the first of its kind to complete a solar-powered intercontinental round-trip air journey. Making its way between Europe and Africa, the Solar Impulse experimental solar airplane finally touched down in Payerne, Switzerland at […]

Solar Impulse successfully lands in Europe after flight from Morocco
  The Solar Impulse, a plane that runs completely on renewable energy thanks to its solar panels on its wings, has just successfully  made the flight from Rabat, Morocco to Madrid, Spain. The flight lasted nearly 17 hours.André Borschberg, CEO and Founder of Solar Impulse, made a statement on the flight: “Bertrand did a wonderful flight and the aircraft’s technology has once again proven its reliability and its energy savings efficiency. […]

Solar Impulse heads for Ouarzazate in Morocco
The Solar Impulse continues its fuel-free flight by making its way towards Ouarzazate in Morocco, where it is expected to land after midnight. If you are interested in checking out just how the Solar Impulse is doing, track it live on, alternatively other channels such as Twitter and Facebook, too, can be accessed to get the latest updates on Solar Impulse and its travels. Not only that, there will […]

Solar Impulse continues trip, takes off from Madrid
Remember the Solar Impulse aircraft? Well, it looks set to take have already off from Madrid in Spain, earlier today as part of its attempt to complete the world’s first fully solar-powered flight over the Strait of Gibraltar, with the final destination being set at Morocco. This will function as a dress rehearsal in order to prepare for the World Tour that is happening later in a couple of year’s […]

Solar Impulse takes off for first international flight
We did take a look at the Solar Impulse earlier this month, and it is now official – the solar-powered aircraft has taken to the skies for its maiden international flight from Switzerland to Belgium. The aircraft already holds a 26-hour record for flight duration, where it is tipped to take around a dozen hours before arriving at the Brussels Airport. Of course, being a solar-powered plane, there are many […]