solar-impulse2At the end of last month, we did bring you word that the Solar Impulse aircraft has landed in China, and this fuel-free aeroplane has rested long enough, that it has already taken off from Chongqing in western-central China – making its way to Nanjing that is located in the east. Right now, it happens to be in the sixth stage, as part of the bid to fly around the world, in a journey that kicked off in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 9th of March.

The Solar Impulse was meant to stay for just a few hours in Chongqing after it touched down from Myanmar, but the dangers of poor weather proved to be a telling factor as it grounded the plane for another three weeks. The team is right now brimming with confidence that conditions will remain fair in order to have it complete the Nanjing leg.

Once it makes its way to the east of the country, then the biggest challenge lies ahead – for it to complete a crossing to Hawaii, which theoretically speaking, will be a five-day, five-night journey. Project chairman, Bertrand Piccard, will once again be at the controls of the single-seater aircraft.

He is right now taking turns with CEO Andre Borschberg, and since he happens to be the partnership’s engineer, Borschberg intends to do the Hawaii leg, which means Piccard will decide to handle both of the Chinese stages.

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