solar-impulse-sfWe have read a whole lot about Solar Impulse, the solar powered airplane from Switzerland, in the past, where it certainly had its fair share of adventures across the pond. Well, this coming May 3rd (which is tomorrow, by the way), Solar Impulse will take off from the city by the bay, San Francisco with Bertrand Piccard in the single seater cockpit, in an attempt to complete the first leg of its coast-to-coast flights across the USA. Its first stop will be Phoenix, Arizona, and this will be a historical flight since it marks the first time that a solar airplane which is capable of flying whether the sun or moon is up sans fuel will make an attempt to jet-set across the breadth of the great country that we call home.


Not only that, there is a secondary objective to this particular journey that would mark the occasion to launch an initiative that is known as “Clean Generation”, as part of an effort to gather worldwide support for the adoption of clean technologies. To be able to achieve its ambition of coast-to-coast flight sans refueling, whether at night or in a day, would give a boost to supporters of clean technology, considering its energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

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