Solar Impulse, the famous solar-powered airplane, is getting ready for its next ambitious mission. After proving to the world, against all odds, that the 100 percent solar-powered aircraft can fly during the day and night without fuel for more than 24 hours, the next challenge is to fly around the world. The Solar Impulse is not the first solar airplane, however, it is the first solar plane to fly at night time , thanks to the thousands of solar cells on its wings that supply power to its batteries.

In an interview with CBS, Bertrand Piccard, the famous Swiss balloonist who co-piloted the plane with André Borschberg, announced the plan for a round-the-world flight by year 2015. Piccard says that the flight is expected to take 20 days and 20 nights and that he is ready for the historic event. “Everything you do, you have to do it because you are well-prepared and absolutely calm inside yourself,” Piccard said.

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