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New Solar Installations In The US Doubled In 2016
Given the finite nature of fossil fuels, this means that generating electricity the same way we’ve been doing it isn’t exactly a sustainable practice. This is why many are starting to turn towards alternative and sustainable forms of energy, whether it be from wind, water, or from the sun.

Tesla’s Solar Energy Station Will Power Hawaii At Night
Tesla’s interest in renewable energy isn’t new and we’ve seen the company come up with all kinds of ways to take advantage of solar, such as their solar roof tiles and the Powerwall Home Battery. However it looks like Tesla is also interested in the commercial application of solar energy as it has unveiled a new solar energy station that could power Hawaii at night.

Moto Mico Is An Upcoming Solar-Powered Battery Moto Mod
While battery packs are a great way to ensure that you always have a bit of extra juice on you where you go, the only downside is that once they’re depleted you not only have to charge your phone, but you’ll also have to charge the battery pack as well. This means more cables and more time spent charging.

Alphabet’s Solar-Powered Drone Project Is No More
You might recall that several years ago, Google (before they were known as Alphabet) had plans for a solar-powered drone. This was following their acquisition of drone company Titan in which Google then integrated the team into its Google X division, a part of the company that dabbled in all kinds of interesting projects such as their self-driving cars and Google Glass.


A Village In France Now Has The World’s First Solar Panel Road
The idea of integrating solar panels into roads isn’t new and in the past we have seen tests and trials being carried out. Now if you might recall, earlier this year the French government announced their plans for solar panel roads, and it looks like they have successfully deployed it in a Normandy village.

We Can Expect More Solar Panel Covered Roads In 2017
For the longest time ever, solar panels were typically placed on top of roofs to allow it to get access to as much sunlight as possible. However in recent times, various companies have been working to bring solar panels to roads where since a lot of surface area is covered by roads, it makes sense that solar panels could be placed there as well.

Elon Musk Says Tesla’s Solar Roof Will Cost Less Than Regular Roofs
Last month Tesla took the wraps off the company’s latest efforts, solar roof tiles. Basically the idea is that instead of installing ugly solar panels on top of the roofs of our houses, we can use these tiles which will do the same job, but blend right in. Also because of their design, you can use more of them to cover your entire home.

Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles Will Blend Right In
If you’ve ever seen solar panels installed on top of roofs of homes before, you know that for the most part they tend to stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately this is pretty much one of the few ways that one can install a solar panel for their home, and it also makes sense as it has more exposure to collect the energy from the sun.

Solar Roadways Launches Their First Public Test
Way back in 2010 we learnt about a project called Solar Roadways. The idea is that instead of solar panels being installed on the rooftops of buildings or homes, it could be installed on the roads where it could also be used to power things like LEDs on the road for markers and to serve as warnings/instructions.

Watchmaker Citizen To Launch A Solar-Powered Smartwatch
While some traditional watchmakers have avoided getting into smartwatches, there are just as many who are eager to hop on board the bandwagon. We’ve already seen efforts from the likes of Swatch, Breitling, and TAG Heuer, and it looks like the latest watchmaker to come on board would be Japanese company, Citizen.

Researchers Develop Solar Cell That Turns CO2 Into Hydrocarbon Fuel
When you think of solar, you probably of the technology that converts sunlight into energy, and you would be right. However it seems that researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have managed to create solar cells that can do more than just that, and will be able to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into hydrocarbon fuel.

Ukraine Government Reimagines Chernobyl As A Solar Farm
The Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster happened about 30 years ago, and we suppose if anything it serves as a stark reminder of how dangerous nuclear energy is, despite its potential to do good. Interestingly enough it seems that the Ukrainian government has decided that maybe from the ashes of Chernobyl, something good could come from it.

Apple To Sell Some Of Their Green Energy Back To Providers
It is no secret that Apple prides themselves for being a green company. For example over in Singapore, Apple has boasted that they will be able to operate using 100% renewable energy. It seems that Apple’s green efforts have been so efficient to the point where they are generating more energy than they need.

Santiago’s Subway Will Soon Be Powered By Solar Energy
One of the ways we can help protect our environment is by taking public transport which ultimately means that there would be less cars on the road. Imagine a bus that fits 50 passengers, all of whom could have easily been driving a car each. Now just because public transport is potentially greener doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved upon.