solar panelsIt is no secret that Apple prides themselves for being a green company. For example over in Singapore, Apple has boasted that they will be able to operate using 100% renewable energy. It seems that Apple’s green efforts have been so efficient to the point where they are generating more energy than they need.

So much so that according to 9to5Mac, they discovered that Apple has created a new energy subsidiary in the US called Apple Energy, in which the company will be selling off excess energy generated by their green efforts back to energy providers. Apparently Apple is trying to get it approved to be sold at market rates rather than wholesale because they don’t think they are influential enough to actually impact prices.

Assuming they are successful, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will grant them permission to do so within the next 60 days or so. Apple’s decision to resell energy isn’t new. Right now in the US, there are some states that are offering “net metering” to citizens, in which it allows them to sell off excess energy generated through green means, like solar power.

We’re not sure if Apple will actually be able to make a huge profit from selling their green energy back to providers, but at the same time it might allow providers to cut back on more traditional means of generating energy, especially if they can buy it from someone like Apple who has created it using sustainable methods.

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